The silica gel products export quantity smaller, the causes and the relevant?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-26
For export products of various areas in our country at present the sales view belongs to the exporter, many foreign companies come to the procurement and different products, because the price and quality are certain advantages, so the United States is a lot of accessories parts such as the production in our country, and recently in the silicone products industry export British only intermittently, is more than silica gel with the same other industries, chat with other companies in the industry business also often mention my childhood, the product is now can not do, backlog, depress prices, so can only start losing orders, and said to the UK if you can associate to take off the relationship? Since last year Britain from Europe and the United States is known to all, but in short time is certainly benefit from the past, of the pound against the dollar began to fall, the minimum reduce to 1. $22, it is conceivable for the devaluation of the pound a lot of foreign companies will adjust the price of the product, and determine whether on British products export market are badly affected, has no clear show that many domestic trading companies think for British exports will by the continuing decline in intermittent, not conducive to export, sales is bad because now British Europe in uncharted territory, experts said: 'if the British parliament allowed to stay in a single market, then the pound should be able to recover, silicone rubber products import and export industry will also be back to normal. Xiamen silicone products factory - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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