The silica gel products burrs since, sealing and cutting what's the difference?

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
The silica gel products burrs since, sealing and cutting what's the difference? Metal stamping die processing is a kind of technology, now more common in many industries have been widely used, for the current electronic chip integration of material and precision of metal sheet it is played, and in addition to these, for rubber and plastic industry die cutting process can be sent on a wide range of use, no matter from the quality of the products in the process of production and efficiency have great advantage, silica gel products manufacturers many products adopts die secondary processing method, how to do this way? At present a lot of silicone rubber and silicone pads and ultrathin sheet of the product can choose punching process, its main advantage is that pick up to a certain degree of precision and machining efficiency, mainly used in solid molding process, often using die processing technology products are those who need an attention is efficiency, and the efficiency is through continuous punching die punch, and products are mainly the processing method of silica gel plug from the raw edges of the subject after a sharp blade cutting and into. And early is important to note the mould processing way, typically to silicone mold from the cutting edge of the increase, just reserve cutting position, if the early stage of the mould does not operate according to the mode of punching die to processing the subsequent carlt neatly sliced effect. Silicone products die-cutting processing note: 1, the mold pressing molding silicone product whole into the punching mold, mold and die can be divided into automatic and manual punch die cutting, selection of high precision pressure usually larger stamping equipment product quality will be better. 2, according to the structure of the product in the process of cutting different determine its quality, if just flat gasket type, then the die cutting precision basic not be affected, but if there is a circular arc or buckle the blocking parts, then put not standard deviation of cutting phenomenon easily. Usually 3, it is very important to the quality of the die, punching die is mainly rely on the surface of the sharp blade, if blade collision damage, then cut out the natural will be affected by a certain product, and different material will affect the service life of die, usually can use of copper, aluminum mold and die, if the processing quantity is larger, it is recommended to use a large cutting machine processing is better. 4, punch machine position is very important, usually during the sample are need to adjust the adjustment for a long period of time, if only a single cutting thin silicone rubber products, so it is not a great, if you need more than two cutting, then you need to pay attention to mold the pressure and the precision of the fixtures fixture fixed. Die cutting is a skill, experience is more important, the experienced staff understand the degree of heat, and the machine calibration of progressive die, know when to adjust the machine stamping speed, pressure and mold maintenance. Silica gel products adopt die process technology is more extensive, mainly is to understand its processing technology.
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