The seizure of a silica gel products factory in xiamen unlicensed production!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-25
Recently according to the fujian net friend zhang revealed that, in the quality of silicone accessories out of the market to buy can't buy back in less than a few days began to change color distortion, and there is a little bit of sticky feeling, also don't know what is the brand trademark, many netizens appear all sorts of suspicion is inferior raw materials or disadvantage silicone products factory production, small make up just to see the news yesterday, xiamen xiang 'an district bureau of industry and commerce received a call, said a processing workshop may belong to unlicensed production, processing, use large quantities of cheap inferior raw material to produce. According to reports that the businessman named 'Jin Jia' silicone products factory belong to without any formalities, production workshop outside facade combination comparison between two secret belongs to xiang 'an area, location is located in xiamen xiang 'an district big hat mountain road no. 88, two sets of hydraulic press, in can see production smells badly, place silica raw edges, the workshop mainly outbound orders and ink injection process, law enforcement in industrial and commercial bureau, the seizure of machinery and equipment, according to the company boss of confession, the original do some born of silicone rubber products industry, so go out, because to industrial and commercial registration is for all the business license, so has been first production until later in the office. Size is different, on the technology and process, of course, will have a lot of differences, believe that normal manufacturer in silicone products industry and has a certain technical personnel in the processing workshop, but there is no reasonable control for production and technology exchange, so maybe people don't have much communication and experience of production, so for the technology and raw materials don't have much knowledge. Street silicone products also have normal silicone manufacturer of production, but the difference is on the integrity of consumers and their own profits may vary a lot, but for a lot of netizens have disadvantage products uneven just 'dirty' vendors want to get a little more, suggest looking for regular franchising stores live next time to buy! Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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