The secret of silicone sealant, cheap white oil really good

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
Besides the silicone products, silicone sealant is the practical very ordinary a sealing liquid glue, because in the process of application to building joints under joint width of displacement caused by the external environment changes require silicone sealant has a good ability to bear joint displacement, can withstand the change of joint width for a long time without cracking. However, in the context of the current raw material prices, appeared on the market quite a lot of white oil filling silicone rubber products, they are at a low price to attract users, but in actual use of a variety of performance degradation is very obvious, can't satisfy the requirements of the sealant corresponding standard, thus brings the serious quality problem to the user even safe hidden trouble. White oil for what? White oil commonly known as paraffin oil, white oil, mineral oil, is often by the crude oil pressure and vacuum fractional distillation, solvent extraction and dewaxing, hydrofining and ( FIG. 1) , mainly for saturated naphthene mixture with paraffin. As shown in the figure 1. It has excellent oxidation stability, chemical stability, light stability, colorless, tasteless, no corrosion fiber fabric. White oil production technology mainly sulphur trioxide refining method and hydrofining method. 1, the end of the 19th century, foreign to start producing white oil, the use of concentrated sulfuric acid or oleum sulphonation method, the method of shortening the quality is not stable, low yield, raw material loss is big, acid consumption quantity is big, difficult to deal with a large amount of acid slag, environment pollution is very serious. Later sulfur trioxide sulfonation method process, the acid consumption greatly reduced, the white oil yield increased, but the environmental pollution problem is still not solved. 2, in the early 1960 s, hydrofining technology applied in the white oil production. Hydrofining technology environment pollution is small, white oil yield is high, the quality is stable, and can in the production of high viscosity, high grade white oil, since white oil had leap to improve the quality and yield. Why do some silicone products manufacturer in silicone rubber white oil is added? The core reason: reduce cost and obtain more benefits. Because of dimethyl silicone oil price is quite high, as the sealant industry market competition heats up, some silicone seal manufacturers to reduce costs, from the perspective of the plasticizer, using white oil instead of dimethyl silicone oil as plasticizer of silicone sealant, made of silicone rubber is referred to as 'white oil glue'. White oil as plasticizer can not only increase the glossiness, silicone sealant can also improve the extrusion speed, than with dimethyl silicone oil as a plasticizer on cost low in the price of the silicone sealant. But white oil is made up of small molecule saturated alkane, low molecular weight, volatile, as plasticizers added to the silicone sealant, with the passage of time, will completely evaporate from the silicone sealant or leakage, thus losing the effect of plasticizer, eventually led to the hardness of the silicone sealant has increased dramatically, serious embrittlement occurs, even cracking phenomenon. On the surface, these low-cost 'white oil filling glue' and not white oil filling silicone sealant has no much difference, some products even do look very good, very bright, fast curing speed, initial curing mechanics performance is good too. But with longer duration of use, 'white oil filling glue' and not white oil filling silicone sealant differences will gradually revealed. As shown in the figure 2. Silicone sealant is mainly composed of organic silicon based polymer, fillers and additives of three parts, silicone sealant has excellent weather resistance is mainly composed of silicon - Oxygen - Organic silicon based polymer of silicon key chain, if cut down the content of organic silicon based polymer and its durability will be severely affected. Which of the three, the content of organic silicon based polymer is high, the unit price is high, the cost more than 70% of the cost of the silicone sealant. In order to reduce the cost of sealant, many sealant manufacturer will increase the amount of filler, adding mineral oil instead of part of the silicone oil, thus reducing the content of organic silicon based polymer. White oil glue what harm after the white oil, most of the performance of silicone rubber ( Linear, such as ultraviolet resistance, thermal bonding weightlessness, hardness, etc. ) Will be lower, with the improvement of white oil content, various performance worse and worse. White oil and silicone sealant system compatibility is poor, the shortening is added in the silicone sealant easily from the silicone sealant system migration, infiltration, leading to silicone sealant weatherability, eventually make the above all kinds of serious harm. 'White oil glue belong to inferior product, although the price is low, but once appear problem, late rework cost, defence costs, damage to the brand the price will be the purchase cost of several times or even more, not only cost savings, instead of add extra costs, not worth! Message cost saving is every enterprise eternal theme, product price also has always been the focus of attention. But can't do anything to make low price products. The inferior quality raw materials, to counterfeit products, such as fake brands to entrap the user's behavior, seriously disturbed the market order, harm the healthy development of the industry. So at the expense of the quality of 'cost-effective' white oil glue, you really will choose?
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