The secret of silicone rubber products factory

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Do silicone rubber industry for nearly 15 years, basic custom processing and production of silicone products are well received by the customer. Silicone rubber in the fierce competition in the industry environment, from beginning to end are the silica gel products quality in the first place. However, there are some manufacturer in silicone rubber industry, including for cost control, do some of the ways to let we don't agree. A: on the basis of the original formula and calcium carbonate. This is the silicone rubber industry can be said to be 'open secret'. The feasibility of this method is: under the premise of silicone rubber formulation that does not contain calcium carbonate, add 30 mixing adhesive performance of calcium carbonate, almost no change to make it feasible. 2: on the basis of the original formula and reclaimed rubber. This method is due to the rubber reclaimed rubber effect between rubber and packing, add 30 to 50 copies of reclaimed rubber mixing adhesive performance changes little. 3: the original mean expensive plasticizer ( Such as DOS) Most of the replacement into cheap plasticizer ( Such as DOP) 。 After some manufacturer to test this method, and expensive good quality plasticizer and cheap plasticizer effect is the same, put more less the same. ) Four: the lower the level of silicone rubber raw materials or to purchase low-cost suppliers with brand products. Such as: the high good quality grade can LFGB, FDA inspection of raw materials for the raw material of ginseng powder. Recommended reading: silicon rubber products of raw materials selection note 5: the outsized compression compression rubber mixing time. For example, was 20 minutes, trying to become ten minutes. The reason for this is probably think: silicone rubber formula decisive, art relative times.
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