The seal material selection and installation needs to pay attention

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Silicone seal material selection and installation of silicone seal need to be paid attention to as one of important parts on industrial equipment, good or bad, directly affect the equipment today, take you to understand that the silicone seal material, as well as the installation need to pay attention to above points. The stand or fall of silicone seal material choice of sealing material directly affect the running status of equipment, good sealing material can extend the equipment running time, reduce the leakage, to reduce pollution. At present, the commonly used silica gel seal material is synthetic rubber and synthetic resin. Synthetic rubber variety, widely used in the oil resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, pressure resistance and water resistance, and has the appropriate abrasion resistance, usually use temperature is roughly as follows: - 40°C- Nitrile rubber and polyurethane rubber. Nitrile rubber with good + 120 ° C, easy to use metal moulded into any shape of hydraulic seals, polyurethane rubber with high tensile strength, good oil resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, pressure resistance and abrasion resistance, synthetic resin mainly polyformaldehyde, nylon and filled ptfe, etc. Is filled ptfe is widely used, especially suitable for the production of high pressure and ultrahigh pressure rapid movement of the hydraulic cylinder with hydraulic seals. Introduction to the silicone seal installation considerations and sealing ring features are installed in the outside round or circular cross section is rectangular groove seal o-rings, in oil resistant, acid-proof, alkali resistance, abrasion, chemical corrosion environment can still have good sealing, damping effect. Therefore, it is the most widely used seal of hydraulic and pneumatic transmission system. Two o-rings) 。 The silicone seal characteristics: 1, the outstanding performance, high life, 5 - higher than that of dynamic pressure seal service life 10 times than traditional rubber seal products, up to a few times, under certain conditions, can use a sealed substrate and life; 2, small friction resistance, dynamic and static friction, equality, 1/2 - A quarter? Type sealing ring is the rubber friction, eliminate the low speed, low pressure mobile 'crawl'; 3, high wear resistance, sealing surface wear, automatic flexible compensation ability; 4, good self-lubricating properties. Oil free seal; 5, work stress: 0 300 mpa working speed, the working temperature of 15 m/s or less: - 55 - 250; 6, suitable medium: hydraulic oil, gas, water, mud, oil, emulsion, installation type O sealing ring (1) Installed, type O sealing ring o-ring requirementsBefore glycol and acid. Notes on the check the following content: 1, the introduction of the perspective of treatment according to the drawings of sharp edge chamfer or rounded; 2, the surface of the inner diameter to remove burrs is clean; 3, sealing parts and components have daub grease or oil ( To ensure that the media of the compatibility of elastomer, recommended for sealing fluid lubrication) 4, do not use grease, contains solid additives, such as molybdenum disulfide, sulfur, and zinc. To manually install the silicone seal ring: 1, using the tool, no sharp edge; 2, to ensure that the o-ring is not distorted, not overstretch O ring; 3, assist to use tools to install the o-ring, and ensure that the correct positioning; 4, type O sealing ring sealing glue, do not connect the stretch. 5, install screw, spline, etc. O-rings stretching, there should be a screw, spline, slotting, etc. , you must use the installation of the main shaft. Spindle can be made of metal or plastic with a soft, smooth and no burrs or sharp edges. 6, when installing clamp screw, it should be symmetrical, and screw down the screws didn't tighten the direction of the order. This is about the silicone seal materials and installation of some of the above considerations, the hope can help you, welcome custom silicone seal.
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