The samsung GALAXY S4 i9500 mobile phone sets of recommendations

by:Keyuan     2020-09-19
From samsung S4i9500 mobile phones already have a period of time, I very early got the samsung S4i9500 mobile phone sets, and then got the i9500 model machine. Found that samsung i9500 phone i9300, i9100 has many different with before. These mainly from samsung GALAXY series mobile phone, the main performance parameters to reflect the different, I will from three aspects. First of all, samsung i9100 is 4. 3 inch touch screen, the image resolution of 800 * 480, 8 million megapixel camera; I9300 is 4. 8 inch touch screen, the image resolution of 1280 * 720, 8 million megapixel camera; The samsung i9500 is 5. 0 inches touch screen, the image of 1920 * 1080 resolution, a 13000000 megapixel camera. Can be seen from a series of changes, the samsung GALAXY series followed by the mobile phone market, domestic multifunctional era, hd resolution, high definition. Due to samsung these a few mobile phones in constantly optimize the grade, make samsung customer fans look forward to and obsessed with a new product. Every time, the mobile phone industry has a new mobile phone models, there will be corresponding with all kinds of exquisite phone sets. If the mobile phone users like models because of the new mobile phone sets, so beautiful cell phone sets, let users more love their mobile phones, change different cell phone sets, like ms constantly change their bags. Samsung i9500 mobile phones can choose the set of type is also very much, because it will be the moment with the iphone along a smartphone. In simple terms, a recommended i9500 samsung mobile phone set of types are: PC shell, silica gel sets, tpu or frosted crystal of the three; This is from material classification, the corresponding all kinds of mobile phone sets of technology ( Link to the sample) , according to the user's interests, to choose. Here are a few reference pictures,,,, believe that focus on one problem: every mobile phone sets of user mobile phone sets of dirty? Here, I will tell you the following response. In general, the silicone mobile phone sets of the most easily dirty, but also the most easy to clean; Premise is, when buying, must choose a good material, no peculiar smell, feel is good, high purity silica gel, injection silicone mobile phone sets with good effect. Because, some silicone mobile phone sets of silicone materials are inferior or mixed with rubber materials, to condom is easy to dirty, and wash not to drop. In addition, the silicone injection is also very important, fuel injection with good effect, can effectively cut off the dust and dirt, and feels very good also, just watching, dirty wash as soon as possible, as we all know, the molecules move again how to protect, dust can be automatic drill into the condom, which is why the TPU frosted set than the grind arenaceous set easy to dirty. PC and TPU cleaning easy plugging in a certain extent also depends on the production materials, just, this two kinds of condom is easily scratched. In addition to tell you that the good quality of condom, dirty first wash directly, such as high quality silica gel sets, can wash directly, the PC shell is easy to wash; We shenzhen silicone products factory production of silica gel sets can be directly wash clean with water. Water is not easy to clean, can use shower gel or mild detergent to wash detergent, etc. If still can't wash clean, can go to buy a, taobao has a lot of a lot of, also is a decade or two yuan, you can buy several material of cell phone sets, according to the mood change of different cell phone case.
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