The rubber dust cover importance for cars

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Car dust cover the common material is silicon rubber, automotive rubber dust cover and generally there is the outside of the rubber dust cover ( CVJ rubber dust cover) And closed the rubber dust cover, contour shape is as bellows, As shown in the figure below) , CVJ rubber dust cover is used to protect the car drive shaft rubber parts; Imagine the rubber dust cover importance on car is very big. Relevant product recommendations: silica gel dustproof plug use TPE - E to replace rubber CVJ really on dust cover? Now automotive CVJ rubber dust cover is widely used because: it can adapt to bad environment, such as: in - 40 degrees Celsius to extreme temperatures can keep the original compressive elastic; In such as oil, sand, dirt, exhaust does not produce qualitative change extremely corrosive environment, so as to achieve various turning normal safe driving, braking condition. Although the TPE - E alternative CVJ rubber dust cover to a certain extent, reduce the cost, By narrowing the size of the bellows, i. e. , reduce the use of materials and to reduce costs) , and it is worth mentioning that constitute the automobile drive shaft components mainly steel parts and dust cover, to reduce the cost must take into account the lubricating material cost, but use the TPE - E will use corrugated pipe, if reduce the size of the bellows, plus the TPE - E material of dust cover have block sex to grease, the grease is not easy to pass, which leads to appear the possibility of failure. Second, CVJ anticorrosive is TPE - rubber dust cover E cannot and. For the rubber dust cover it on the block of the grease performance is poor, the grease inside can quickly through the dust cover, and lubrication effect on the surface. Conclusion: to sum up, the rubber dust cover for cars importance is to choose suitable lubricant in the rubber dust cover, so that the surface lubricate the left and right sides, as well as choose suitable for car dust cover material, this problem remains to be progress. Relevant article recommended: automotive silicone pads, please | how to choose silicone MATS?
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