The role of silica gel, the future electronic products the advantage of the heat dissipation problem to choose it

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
It belongs to the category of silicone rubber products, silica gel gel widely available to the medical, electronic and military construction, etc. , in addition silicone gel in the electronics industry to take to the cooling effect is to have tinnitus, along with the increasing of electronic science and technology, all kinds of movement speed constantly refreshing, from 2 g to 5 g era now, so power consumption heat will naturally produce increasing problem, so today the role of the simple introduction to heat dissipation silica gel for you what! For the rotating CEO Mr Xu straight army has said: 'from the chip power consumption, only 2 of 5 g is 4 g. 5 times. 'Chip run speed increase, increase power consumption, heat will also increase. How to solve the problem of the fever the smartphone giant? Don't copy to abandon traditional graphite cooling and surface heat pipe cooling technique, choose new thermal conductivity material - — Thermal conductive silicone gel, can be more effective to solve the cooling problem. Thermal conductive gel as a new type of thermal conductive silicone products material, because of its excellent wettability, liquid properties show can infiltrate the small gap, the heating area to achieve full coverage, to ensure that the low thermal resistance, applied in mobile phone chips, can help chipset efficient heat dissipation. Thermal conductive gel application by room temperature curing or heat curing chip itself, without the need for a separate curing process; Can use mechanized glue dispensing system, help to improve production efficiency; In addition, in view of the previous smartphones such as consumer electronics rework problems in the process of production, thermal conductivity silicone gel can easily, no residue off again for processing. For consumer electronics manufacturers, will greatly reduce the attrition rate, save the cost of production. Thermal conductive gel can meet more lightweight, miniaturization and higher equipment heat dissipation performance requirements, can be applied to the LED chip, communications equipment, memory module, IGBT, other power modules, power semiconductor and other fields.
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