The role of silica gel products: space suit and the origin of breast augmentation techniques

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
When any one industry or a product to get more attention, people tend to reveal it, and examine investigations about it, just as silicone rubber products industry is now applied to a variety of industries, in the broad consumer attention, so today we're in what on earth is to expose the silicon rubber material in life. The birth of organic silicon of the eighteenth century, but because of the era of industrial technology humble, the use of product is not mature, so the silicone rubber products continues in the 18th century to the early twentieth century are not reused, until the twentieth century will be a high degree of polymerization of organic chemists found in silicon and silica found after mixing silicone rubber raw materials to produce better silicone products, because only use each big industry. Since the 19th century threat of world war ii, could lead to war at any time, so the organic silicone products focused on military and industrial building as the main research achievements have been once primary purpose is to research the military-industrial complex and its building, and the world are studying it, on the other hand, high polymer materials under the condition of low temperature state of high polymer becomes glass can become very brittle, high elastic rubber and silicone rubber - is the glass transition temperature 120 degrees, which means that the lower the temperature of the silicone rubber can be tolerance, so it is used during the Apollo moon landing in human history the first spacesuit, the silicone rubber materials! And silicone products and this was not the only case of past life, living in Europe and America in the 19th century prosperity prosperous developed, plastic surgery existed at that time, due to technological and equipment problems, then how much filling materials for the software, such as animal cartilage, ivory and so on, until 1961, dow corning corporation research study developed software organic silicon material, combining material properties do not conflict with any material, which has so far been medical cosmetic use. But when it comes to organic silicon greater benefit here is that it is based on silicon substrate, with incompatible with carbon as the basal body, so is to the human body physiological inert, the silicone rubber can be used in many places all around us, such as today's silicone skin cleaning brush, silicone, baby bottle nipple. Has so far been used silicone rubber material in the aspect of life, organic silicon materials used in life, in the commodity, in the industry, in the military construction and so on!
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