The role of miscellaneous pieces of silicone, manufacturers custom processing what are the advantages?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
With the extended the scope of application of silicone products, miscellaneous pieces of more and more products started using silica gel as the auxiliary parts, miscellaneous pieces of silicone accessories category gradually widely used nowadays, it has become a silicone factory main production of products, mainly is suitable for the sealing of electronic products, children's toys parts accessories, daily necessities product appearance decoration and auxiliary equipment, such as machinery industry buffer shock absorption. Customized processing has become the major way many silicone products, and choose the silicone material as the role of the main auxiliary material is need to open mold custom, but a lot of silicone products and existing mold is not the same, the shape of a product independent design need to open mold custom processing, this is a drawback, because the cost of the silicone mold cavity is higher, a lot of customer demand is not large, lead to many customers can't accept the price of the mould cost, so the silicone products custom processing has certain threshold can do that, but the except that it still has many advantages of desirable! There is demand can do it! Miscellaneous pieces of silicone type of products can be according to their own appearance design and function to request custom processing, such as product among the functional need to how much degree of hardness and seal and the appearance of the product decoration effect, miscellaneous pieces of silicone after complete assembly, such as can not meet the use requirements can be according to your own idea and design) to repair the mould, such as product is adding glue can maintenance such as product belongs to reduce it more troublesome, so still need to be careful when drawing understanding of material and process of silicone rubber products. Unique design, miscellaneous pieces of silicone custom machining can be diversified, no one can do imitation as well as the effect of functional products, compared with other material silicone can replace a variety of raw materials, raw materials such as rubber, plastic, TPE, TPR, and so on many kinds of material achieve safe non-toxic environmental protection effect, for the product of tensile and tearing resistance effect of high temperature resistant performance have excellent response function, silicone rubber core advantage is that it have a certain material properties, belongs to the nature of the organic polymer elastomer, silicon chain react to any matter not conflict, not scattered enrichment evaporation don't melt, and so on edge, and silicon molecules together to achieve a certain molecular chain of the main body, so as to stretch the springback, heat-resistant bears the advantages of the old!
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