The rise of new energy vehicles using silicone rubber material is odds big?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
Era of continuous development and reform, the route is also different, as now the new energy automotive industry chain in the development of environmental protection green rise this among them, in order to reduce the maintenance of world environment and development for the purpose, and organic silicone rubber products officially starting point out in this direction and so get used by the industry, in addition to industrial buildings, lives daily, in modern cars and new energy vehicles is little not the existence of it! In 2001, new energy vehicles research project was listed in the state '15' during the major subject of science and technology, to 2010, we will increase support for new energy vehicles in China, in Shanghai, changchun, shenzhen, hangzhou, hefei and other five cities start the private purchase of new energy vehicles subsidies pilot work. 2011 - In 2015, the new energy into the stage of industrialization, promotion of new energy city bus in the whole society, hybrid cars and small electric vehicles. To 2020, China will further popularize new energy cars, energy hybrid, plug-in electric cars, hydrogen fuel cell car will gradually entered the ordinary families. Is an important part of new energy vehicles, the power part of the high voltage wire and cable, is responsible for carrying electricity from the battery to the electric components, new energy automotive power source. To this end, the kinds of cables and ordinary car cable, the main difference is that: the high voltage and high current, voltage is 600 v, instantaneous of up to 1500 v, current 300 a; Big wire cable, and the car configuration space is limited, bend more bigger when configuration; Cable heat big, complex cabin environment, a hybrid still need to consider the effect of engine on board; Extremely cold areas still need to consider cable resistance to low temperature environment. Based on the characteristics of new energy automotive cable and using the environment, for new energy vehicles cable manufacturing materials also put forward the corresponding requirements, for insulation and sheath material, requirements with good resistance to high and low temperature performance, excellent bending resistance and tear resistance and so on. There is material in the industry is widely applied, crosslinked polyolefin thermoplastic elastomer and organic silicone rubber products, and among them, silicone rubber sheath good ability of high and low temperature resistance, resistance to voltage and flexibility makes this material very fit the requirement of the product. Silica gel is a kind of thermosetting material, it crosslinking products after high temperature melting will not occur. Its long-term high temperature can reach 180 degrees Celsius, after adjusting formula can be up to more than 200 degrees Celsius. Resistance to low temperature of minus 50 degrees Celsius, special products can reach 120 degrees Celsius below zero. Silicone rubber with good insulation performance, at the same time its breakdown voltage in more than 20 kv/mm, can help maintain good insulation wire and stability. On this basis, the silicone rubber can also provide excellent mechanical properties, such as high tear strength, high resistance to tear of organic silicon rubber could make up for a lack of conventional organic silicone rubber tear strength of the weaknesses of the tear strength can reach more than 40 n/mm, elongation at break can reach more than 500%. Such materials can provide cable good bending and steering ability, help cables in the narrow space compact configuration. Based on the demand of such products, wacker chemical launch platinum sulfide ELASTOSIL @ Rplus4305/70 k1cn organic silicone rubber products, the product has the following marked characteristics: silicon rubber products as excellent high temperature resistant insulation materials, while providing excellent mechanical properties, escort for wire and cable at the same time, is also for our country's new energy vehicles as my career.
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