The recent hot bowl of silicone folding what are the advantages

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Have words called technology change the world, personally, I quite agree with this sentence. Because when we still use the heavy wooden basin, has been used abroad portable iron pot is we used to call the 'ocean basin', may name is different, anyway, our hometown is called, the bike is called 'the horse' means foreign things such as call foreign goods, and now the emergence of the silicone folding bowl will usher in a innovation! In our position for the bowl is not convenient to carry, covers an area of too much when it has the value of the silicone folding bowl! So what are the advantages of the silicone folding bowl? Today to a detailed analysis to its various advantages. The advantages of the silicone folding bowl: the first point: portable - This advantage is one of the biggest advantage, can be seen from the name folding the word, you can see from above, when to use and when not in use, they are very different, using the scenario we can imagine, such as when we want to go with it, this time is not very convenient! The second point: covers an area of small - Whether for home without worrying about too much place bowl? A family need a lot of dishes, there are various size bowl and dish bowl, is need a lot of places to put the bowl, and the silica gel can be realized by folding folding bowl cover an area of an area small, don't need so wide where they are stored. The third point: light weight - We often use the bowl is always is twofold, if moving the bowl of a family is estimated to hundreds of pounds, and a big bowl of silicone folding, only a few grams, the comparison is a major advantage came out. Fourth: unbreakable - Silicone products from silica raw materials advantage, there are various benefits one is resistant to fall off, unlike traditional bowl a fell and was broken. Fifth: the color beautiful. . . Traditional single bowl for ceramic color commonly, although can be printed pattern, but also is the color of the single, folded and silicone bowl can be printed on various pattern and even up to the 3 d effect, but also can be customized various color itself even fluorescent color, make life full of color. The sixth: fresh integration - On the basis of some custom silicone folding bowl we can customize a silicone lid, thereby achieve the result of keeping fresh moistureproof and dustproof. Number seven: safety - Improvement of living standards, health is now in the first place, I think it is everyone's concern, the silicone folding bowl USES the food grade through high temperature vulcanization silicone raw materials, non-toxic tasteless to the human body does not produce harmful substances! Product can be achieved through the FDA tests such as safe and non-toxic. The first eight: plasticity Normally we bowl is round, but in different occasions need different shapes of bowls, such as silicone folding bento box is square, silica gel can strong plasticity, can produce different shape, style, shape of silicone folding bowls, to meet the different needs of different people. Conclusion: compared with the traditional bowl bowl a silicone folding has so many advantages, for the guaranteed not to choose it? And custom silicone bowl factory where there is? As some introduction! We have more wonderful!
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