The reasons of poor quality silicone products

by:Keyuan     2020-09-17
1 cause of silicone products in poor quality, product plus sulfur insufficient time, time is too short and low temperature result in a product is completely cured, the product quality problem, the product has no rebound strength, are not familiar with phenomenon and internal surface are not ripe. 2, improper loading method, the air inside cavity not easy eduction. For mold mold structure complicated and has a blind Angle, when the feeding should be evenly distributed in the cavity of each position, lead to the silicone products, the phenomenon of the edge horn without glue without material. 3, into the cavity is the machine slow pressure or no secondary exhaust, lead to products not familiar bulge and critical edge to wait for a phenomenon, depending on the product structure, for multicolor silicone products, exhaust is more important, timing early too late will be conducive to exhaust, will also bring other undesirable phenomenon! 4, vulcanization pressure is insufficient, the mould cavity retention of gas and sulfide volatiles can not discharge in time, should be appropriately increased pressure, especially in the production of the coil, the pressure too fast, or die quickly, gas can not afford time to discharge, should be gently pressure, make the mould closed slowly. 5, sizing issues, after mixing the dry material placed too long, or the environment in the silicone products appear unable to molding curing processing, rubber air or water, or of the mold cavity of excessive release agent and water surface is undesirable, rubber vulcanization too fast, internal volatiles can not afford time to precipitate, has hardened. Should adjust the formula, improve the induction period of the rubber. 6, silicone products manufacturer of die structure and design, such as silicone products design is not reasonable, will often appear some phenomenon, such as product of the parting line and complexity, the stripping efficiency and product quality and production and processing shun is not smooth, the structure of the complex products should be used with more piece mold, for easy to appear where porosity can run gas tank, extra template on the wall of the cavity shoulds not be too deep. 7, mold temperature on the high side, rubber put time is too long, cause the rubber under the condition of high temperature curing not appear very hot die material phenomenon, so need to forecast in the manufacturing process of silicone products in product placement rubber time to assess the mold cavity number.
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