The production technology of the revealed different phone cases

by:Keyuan     2020-09-19
Following is today of electronics industry is short of one of a kind of decorative supplies, it can not only protect our mobile phones can prevent broke into certain aesthetic effect, as consumers user experience, different style and material of phone cases all kinds of all exists, even someone with gold to build mobile phone protection shell! Mobile phone protection shell is worth we deliberate, said here have to tell me something about the following production process, so for now more common types of material, do you know how they are made to the production? In the current mobile phone accessories industry, following is divided into several categories, colloid following, following from leather and hardware following, so this several categories, how they are processing production? PVC mobile phone sets: this kind of protection of condoms in the industry early, its main is to be one of the essential choice of the stereo effect, PVC products and silicone products have the same common is that they all materials can be used for the same kind of glue process, processing is to display the products more color to the maximization, process approach is the material intake mold, glue guns glue head is adopted to improve the color distribution, equipment of program debugging will be a different color intake of the fixed position of the product, highlights the stereo effect. Leather phone cases: leather phone cases mainly focuses on process details, if your product is met a good leather sewing architect, then in addition to the material, this product must not too big problem on quality, leather material is divided into many types, however, have different cortex and price, used to make mobile phone protection shell, and production of leather bags, basically see your cost price, now the leather phone sets is still in the market marketing, the common saying say good things don't want to sell, so the following leather is the same. Its main production process from product twists and turns and sewing technology, the size of the different fabric cutting after processing plant in the radian bending effect, after sewing, if need to increase the surface patterns or accessories, sewing and can be used to, so generally know a little sewing can through the cloth leather self-control, as long as the technology, made the following from natural no problem. Silicone mobile phone sets: silica gel protective sleeve is now popular a kind of protective cover, it mainly show consumer is hockey and anti-scrape, green environmental protection, soft and comfortable, silica gel products material is widely used in every post industries are, it can make the seal products can also make life care products and household decoration products, the same as the silicone cases use the same production process. In the process of production of mobile phone cases silicone sets processing factory mainly mold pressing molding and injection molding process is made, in low temperature moulding and curing majority, however, it is the main raw material in the mould of mold core through the high temperature of 180 degrees or so, mould pressing curing, can add different colors of silicone materials glue adjust the different color, after the completion of the production process after after spray printing change appearance beautiful effect. , of course, it can also cooperate with plastic shell and leather cloth in laminating process, at present a lot of brands following are using silicone and hard rubber, following a integrated process after after the inner leather adhesive achieve beautiful effect, such as iPhone and many brands are now made by this technology. TPU following: silicone cases and TPU following is made more than the current sales, the scope of the most popular type of mobile phone sets, and TPU seems greater than sales of silica gel, due to its selective and production material has a lot of convenience, so most people choose following from industry, although it is belong to plastic materials, but essentially it is the threat to human body harm is not much, so can replace a variety of following material, since it is soft rubber material, can printing and coating. Mainly by the injection molding process, production, processing and production technology, in the middle of the plastic machine after heat to melt the plastic bead m, with a gun barrel into plastic molding fixed-line, similar with the liquid silicone molding processing way, and at present more popular is to embedded TPU following from hard plastic PC or toughened glass, and so on, this kind of technology is a TPU after the following production molding, design appropriate groove on the back to the PC or toughened glass cover with bonding process. Hardware following: hardware following is one of many users choose, but compared to two, heat is not enough, it has been too heavy metal material and beautiful sex not so prominent, so the most used aluminum following are border frame type, the main protection, and mobile phone fixed contact will need a buffer into a silica particles, although more troublesome, but there are still many customers are willing to choose to use it.
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