The production of silicone key problems and the reasons

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Silicone keypad is one of the silica gel products, is based on the silicone raw material production and become a key product, silicone buttons for its many good properties and is widely used in various fields. For production of silicone products manufacturer of silicone buttons, in the production process of silicone buttons will encounter some problems, the following together look at the problems encountered in the process of production of silicone buttons and why? Under the button surface scratches, grooves and concave or cut. Reason: contact with foreign body or improper operation. Button shape is not complete, not completely full of rubber mold. Reason: say not enough glue, rubber partial flow, pressure and rubber performance is poor. Product distortion, concave, convex. Reason: the clamping improper operation or product from external extrusion. Button on the surface of impurities, the particles of different color, such as foreign body, dirt, mimeograph, etc. Reason: impurity, rubber mold, dirty and foreign body touch or product not appropriate place. Button mucosal surface smooth level off, no hair. Reason: mold temperature is too high, fall off not clear in time after the cavity. Some buttons rubber could not form a whole, the phenomenon of two layers of skin. Reason: the rubber surface contamination, poor compatibility of rubber mixing unevenly, rubber spray frost. Button the trace of surface crack. Reason: mould temperature is too high, excessive release agent spraying, demoulding way, die design is not reasonable, from external injury. Buttons are not ripe, local hardness is low. Reason: low mold temperature, curing time is not enough, rubber vulcanization system and curing conditions. At parting surface crack. Reason: the mold temperature is too high or insufficient vulcanization pressure, mold deformation. Touch the surface has AoTuGan, there are differences in thickness size. Reason: mould manufacturing, vulcanization machine. Rubber parts are not required by skeleton rubber package. Reason: mold sealant was bad. Rubber and the skeleton separation and loss. Reason: wrong adhesive, skeleton surface treatment does not reach the designated position, pressure is insufficient, table frame parking time is too long. Button parting surface displacement. Reason: inaccurate positioning pin loosening clamping, mould is not reasonable. Additional does not belong to product of material thicker. Reason: too much, rubber mold parting surface gap is too large. Described above is in the production of silicone keys will encounter problems and causes of silicone buttons, silica gel products factory will be strict inspection qualified after all aspects of production, ensure to minimize defective products, if you need custom silicone buttons, button price, welcome to contact telephone dialing silicone products.
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