The product characteristics of the silicone toothbrush rack

by:Keyuan     2020-09-17

Silicone toothbrush rack, silicone cute animal shapes, strong chuck type design, firmly adsorbed on the wall tiles or mirror, clean, convenient silicone toothbrush rack. Silicone tooth brush, silicone toothbrush rack product features: 1, beautiful appearance generous, cartoon, soft and comfortable, easy to clean, elastic deformation, durability, but also can keep the color bright. 2, raw materials for food-grade silicone, environmental health, non-toxic tasteless, without any adverse effect to human body, using at ease. 3, silicone toothbrush rack cute animal shapes, comes with a suction cup can be directly adsorption ceramic tile in the bathroom or on the glass, space saving, simple and practical, convenient to place the toothbrush, stable performance is good, still can rise to decorate the effect, make silicone toothbrush rack keep clean sanitation. One-piece non-trace hanging silicone toothbrush rack, avoid holing tooth brush, removable repeated use. 4, advantages: prevent fall, durable, lovely modelling, fashionable in design. Exquisite cartoon modelling toothbrush rack, USES the high quality environmental protection silicone, cartoon modelling of lovely, animal handle removable, soft, comfortable, prevent slippery effect is better, very convenient and practical oh ~ diverse styles, incoming sample custom, add LOGO! Silicone tooth brush, silicone toothbrush rack custom 1, product categories: soft silicone toothbrush rack, corporate promotional gifts, gifts customized 2, material: silica gel, PVC3, size: can be customized various shape, size, process: automatic dispensing machine trace injection, commonly known as point glue, plastic glue, drops. 5, way of use: a. Animals as a 2 d or 3 d surface, convex and concave engraved logo, can make all kinds of vivid, beautiful design, fashion style, beautiful appearance, is a gift of personal personality. b。 Can make enterprise LOGO, design, promote the enterprise brand, improve enterprise well-knownness. 6. Silicone tooth brush holder USES: advertising sales promotion, publicity, and free                                

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