The problems in the screen printing silicone products

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Screen printing process is crucial, silica gel products for screen printing process more than in the silicone industry, life a lot of product design are needs to be done will use silk screen printing process, because the screen printing process has many a little can widely recognized in many industries. Its technology is to use a two-component liquid silicone and curing agent is prepared in the color paste to produce the color of the need to screen printing, done in by screen printing machine screen printing process, and in the silicone rubber industry inside its purpose is to achieve the design of product appearance in font of engraving, such as our common silicone buttons is one of them. For screen printing process it has many good qualities, good liquidity, paste viscosity is stronger, resistance to high and low temperature stability, good climate resistance to aging performance, product design have stereo feeling and feel more, logo printing also has excellent peel strength, wear resistance, brightness; Also has the waterproof, prevent slippery, breathable, high and low temperature resistance and excellent flow flat. In the silicone products factory production process of screen printing process need to pay attention to what details? Screen printing process to the requirement of design is higher, so in some silicone buttons and silica gel protective sleeve will appear among processes, such as the product of ink for screen printing process is more important, good quality ink will improve the quality of the design, and some of the products in use for a long time for a long time appear fade, there are mainly the products appear fade phenomenon caused several reasons: 1, silica gel products printing after baking temperature is too low, the time is short, lead to screen printing out characters of silica gel products abrasion resistance is poor, character after using several times began to become blurred; 2, the poor quality screen printing ink, cause an effect to the surface of the silica gel products. 3, a dirty surface of silica gel products, block printing ink with silica gel adsorption, cause character wipe off.
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