The premise of high quality silica gel products, mould steel do you chosen?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
Common saying say good steel used in the blade, money spent on Ken day son, a popular sayings are also circulating so far, so I want to create a high quality silica gel products is also need good steel material, a good steel is also needs a high quality product to match, so in silicone products industry choose good die steel is also a guarantee for quality! Want to know the machining center of global steel production process and technology of each country has unique characteristics and advantages, such as steel, hardness, quenching degree, ductile deformation intensity, and so on are different, rubber and plastic mould steel in our country do more extensive, common also is more, most can be divided into the medium carbon steel, P20 series, series of P21, H13 series, 420 series, series of special steel, D1, D2, D3, and so on a variety of series, each series have different classification. , of course, the different steel type, and use of performance and quality will be different, and for the silicone products manufacturer, the commonly used series can be divided into the medium carbon steel, P20 and 450 and other three series, medium carbon steel is the most commonly used in the mold before, mold structure is not very complicated and product compared commonly simple routine is the use of this material, but not to say that this kind of material is the worst, you know better than other steel materials, processed into the mold after normal mold can ensure more than 1 million times back and forth, so you can rest assured use! But when it comes to high quality mold, high perfection products should choose materials! Different steel have different advantages, if for your silicone products need exquisite appearance or bending Angle optimal beauty that can choose different corresponding material! P20 series: which can be divided into p20 and 718718 S, PX88, M238 etc. Multiple models, this type of material main feature is the use of long life, larger product used and the size of the mold core is thin products, high purity in terms of material, polishing performance is very high, dissolves resistance, electric discharge machining, mirror is good. Do the exterior surface didn't words, of course not than after quenching hardness! Can achieve 330 - 400 hb ! Last mirror the 420 series of the products in time, a S136 and S136H two types of steel can be said to be doing mirror can almost reach the mirror effect, hardness - in 290 Around 330, but also is relatively high, moreover on the corrosion resistance is very outstanding, after heat treatment of the silicone mold shrinkage can be greatly reduced, so to prevent the deformation phenomenon of nature can use this kind of steel! Moreover these steel for different products have different functions, and you know mould steel export countries? The following introduce commonly used steel export countries for you! , domestic: A3, S45C, S50C, Cr12, Cr12mov, SKS3, SUJ2, 40 cr, 42 crmo aluminum copper: 5052, 6061, 7075, bronze, copper, chromium, copper, chromium zirconium copper, beryllium copper, tungsten copper, tungsten steel, Japan: NAK55, NAK80, DC53, SKD11, SLD, SKD61, FDAC, SKH - Four, Sweden: 9, HPM50 S136, S136H, 718, 718 h, 618, 8407, DF - 2、ASP- Five, the United States: 23 P20, 01, D2, H13, M2, Germany: 2311, 2316, 2738, 2510, 2379, 2344, 2083, seven, Australia steel: M238, M202 and K406, W302, M310, M300, K100, xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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