The practicability of physical strength, the function of the silicone rubber hard softness and differences

by:Keyuan     2020-09-28
For consumers do not know the silicone material physical hardness of silicone rubber products are likely to produce out-of-touch heart, product size is the same did not change too much, and the relationship between the formula and various physical property is not complete to understand, all kinds of silicone, rubber and other hard material of raw materials has its softness characteristics, natural silica gel products is not exceptional also, so why silicone material can be used in all walks of life, officially because it has a good place! Different silica gel products has its unique performance and technical requirements, such as silicone manufacturer of silica gel seal, silicone accessories can choose the most suitable polymer and cooperation and reasonable allocate, closely joint sealing damping in the hard softness, waterproof and oil etc, and the physical properties of hard softness or with the formula of the product and raw materials have a close relationship, formula of debugging can try out the differences of various performance and function, so hard softness debugging still need careful careful, otherwise hard softness is error is likely to cause the inevitable trouble things! Everyone knows the silicone material has good tensile strength, and the index of the tensile strength is depends on how hard and soft products, general silicone rubber products manufacturers of hard softness - 20 About 80 degree, the lower the hardness of the tensile strength of the product better, normal can reach 300%, the lowest at about 20%, though it still depends on the structural and shape of the silica gel products. Silicone material can not be missing this is tear strength, silicone rubber material will tear phenomenon by force and other factors, it is an inevitable phenomenon of all rubber one, and cracks and crack stress rupture of damage phenomenon is a minority, because silicone rubber by conventional hardness basic will not have a tear burst phenomenon, the material of high hardness is likely to tear phenomenon caused by the crack mouth spread! So stretch concentration and hardness of the silicone products is an important index of materials, silica gel processing factory in sulfide production procedures, mixing the higher the molecular weight of the silicon glue effective crosslinking and the greater the stress. In order to get the rules set and stress, can raise the crosslinking density of smaller molecular weight material. All factors can increase the structure of molecular inter-atomic forces. Increase the hardness of the density of the silicone material can prevent product will influence the tensile concentration of the products!
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