The popular science silicone products what's the difference between home and abroad!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
If a silicone products from domestic and abroad you choose how to choose? Believe that a lot of friends will have different choices, here as now some electronic products, many consumers choose expensive apple mobile phones don't prefer millet or huawei, this is that China's domestic brands there really is the difference? In fact it is not for what, but upstream suppliers of raw materials in China and has a certain gap in foreign countries, such as silicone downstream is now a lot of silicone products manufacturer, choice of different materials lead to the product performance appear different contrast or quality is not stable, such as some need good functional silicone rubber products, can not meet the use requirement of main original, due to it may also be because raw material so many manufacturers now refused to use homebred brand it is for this reason also caused! For raw materials to make the difference between both precision silicone pieces, or silica gel commonly used accessories and so on has certain difference from various aspects, such as heavy feel will get a different comfort, import material rich feel stronger, better toughness and strength of springback, and the color composition of raw materials also have certain difference, so not to say how good the quality of the abroad, but for our customers and consumers get the product performance and stability of stronger. For silicon industry upstream pure organic silicon in both industrial and organic silicon downstream manufacturers and pure in quality and environmental protection, more than the upstream is the matching degree of the stability of the products and quality, and lower relative is to compare the quality of the products, the appearance, delicate and pure degree, so there is no much difference in terms of relative difference, maybe in China can provide the test and acknowledge the report and no foreign so fine! In addition to the difference between cheap and brands nonsense may also lies in the manufacturer's standards, a lot of time some suppliers have been used to low quality without certification test of raw materials, for in the high prices of raw materials is again not considered, so the choice does supplier have the ability to judge the quality of your goods so it is important!
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