The points for attention during the assembly of silicone products

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Silicone products if used in industrial or mechanical often appear as accessories, at this time will need to make the related assembly, and often when it is assembled because too simple ignored by people some details lead to can't normal operation and use, as a silica gel products factory in foshan today to introduce the points for attention during the assembling silicone products. First of all, the first point: to understand the position of the assembly, and in front of the assembly must clean good need to install the location of the first, keep clean. Need to deal with. But also to look at the size of the roughly too are consistent appearance, such as a round on things need to put a silicone accessories, so that the outer surface of the silica gel parts must also be round, or it will affect the appearance of serious, if you ignore this step, the follow-up found that will affect the progress of work, so a rough look at is necessary. Step 2: dimensions, like some seals in size requirement is very strict, because the silicone seal is as a general waterproof, prevent leakage and other purposes, so get the silicone products first to measure the size is correct, but also need the location of the assembly must be measured, not to say that the need to assembly it must be right, this step is also the most easy to ignore people when installing a silica gel products, always to silica gel products are installed, then as long as there is a problem we will be is a question of silicone products, it also related to design before production steps, the second installation method is the main requirement silica gel and need the size of the assembly place! Step 3: install to careful, we don't let anything can go wrong, it is also very easy to get wrong problem, often use a assembly line to produce, in the form of the assembly line will have a lot of people, each person's action, thinking is different, so it is easy to appear problem, which requires everyone to work together to do things, each assembly products need to look carefully, see if the assembly is in place, whether in assembly, when the silica gel produced the deformation force is too large, the color of silicone products and product whether one to wait for a problem. Above offer the author about the points for attention during the assembly of the silicone products, if you have about the silicone products need to customize can contact us, our professional silicone products factory, deep industry 18 years and can provide the silicone products design, production, assembly, packaging and other one-stop customized service.
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