The origin of the contact lenses, organic silicone patent occupy most of the market!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
Contact lenses, also known as corneal contact lens, compared with the ordinary glasses has the characteristics of convenient wearing beautiful, comfortable, and loved by the people. According to the material hardness, eye cornea contact lens can be divided into rigid corneal contact lens and soft corneal contact lens. Soft corneal contact lens is also known as silica gel, water belongs to the category of organic silicone products, compared with the rigid Angle membrane contact lenses, this lens material due to high water content, the characteristics of the soft and comfortable wearing and become the mainstream of the contact lens products. Preparation of hydrogels cornea contact lens material at present basically has hydroxyl ethyl methacrylate ( HEMA) ,N - Vinyl pyrrolidone ( 一步法 And so on, compared with the material of organic silicon material has better oxygen permeability. People will have long silicone materials such as silicone rubber products used in contact lenses, at present, high in the air, good compatibility, silicone hydrogel contact lens became the research focus of many multinational companies. In recent years, silica gel products industry in China is developing very rapidly, from organic silicon raw materials, intermediate products and the preparation and application has achieved great progress. Unfortunately, our research lags behind in the field of organic silicon lenses, currently on the market of high oxygen organic silicon lenses almost monopoly by foreign companies. Our country is the big consumers contact lenses, lenses, as a kind of precision medical products with high technical requirements and patent in contact lens plays an important role in supporting the whole industry chain. Silicone hydrogel contact lens as a fifth-generation stealth glasses has become the hotspot in the field of contact lens products, foreign companies in the industry such as bausch profound technology accumulation, good brand effect, and attaches great importance to the organic silicon lenses main market potential patent layout, and organic silicon lens technology in China started late and face more patent barriers. At present, the applicant for a patent in our country has been in the field of organic silicon lenses to layout, but contact lenses involved in raw materials, machining equipment, mirror product post-processing and maintenance, etc. , organic silicon in China an application for a patent for contact lenses in the field is a lot, there are many patent blind area. To sum up, our country the development of organic silicon lenses level and the overall level of China's organic silicon industry is not match, should make full use of existing patent resources and huge market in China, the patent escort play a good role, the development of independent brand silicone contact lenses. Has been a steady rise in the number of patents abroad is carried out in early silicone lenses work, dow corning in January 1970 in the published titled 'organic silicone rubber optical combination' of patent application, the patent application is one of the world within the scope of the earlier will organic silicon materials applied to an application for a patent for contact lenses. In 1970 ~ 1979, 1980 ~ 1989, 1990 ~ 1999, 2000 ~ 2009 and 2010 ~ 2018, the world within the scope of public filing an application for a patent for silicone lenses number 12, 98, 155, 395, respectively, 394, an annual public patent application number has grown steadily. From nearly 20 years silicone lenses patent quantity change, from 1998 to 2009, gel contact lenses number of patents in general is on the rise, and reached its peak in 2009, in 2009's silicon gel contact lenses patent number is 71. In 2010 ~ 2015, organic silicon lenses annual average number of patents are down a bit, but the quantity is stable at a high level, an annual public patent quantity is more than 40, visible, organic silicon technology development earlier contact lenses, but the technology is still far from mature, is still in a high-speed development period. Silicone lens industry booming abroad at the same time, our country the applicant ( Statistical data for mainland China) Submitted a total of 22 patent for involving the contact lenses, an application for a patent for the earliest time in public in 2007, the earliest than the United States patent application for 30 years later. Visible, abroad contact lens technology continues to mature and successful launch the corresponding contact lens products, our country the study of silicone gel contact lenses has just started. Patent layout inside and outside the disparity from organic silicon contact lenses before the patent grant ten applicants, the world's top ten patentee mainly comes from the United States, Switzerland and Japan and other developed countries, including bausch company, Johnson and Johnson vision, novartis' patent patent number significantly than other applicants, including bausch company the most number of patents, and as early as 1974 the company made a silicone lenses of relevant patent application, the patent application at the same time the company still maintain good continuity, its patent technology content involved in the preparation of raw materials, preparation methods of silicone lenses and silicone lenses later maintenance, etc. , related to the patent layout is reasonable and effective, show the company in the field of organic silicon stealth deep technical accumulation and strong competitiveness.
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