the next generation of multi-component molding: multi-shot and coinjection molding techniques are staking out new territory. machines are getting larger and are combining more materials or colors in more sophisticated and imaginative ways.

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In recent years, due to the popularity of multi-component injection molding, it has caused a lot of \"sensation\"color and soft-
Touch supermodel products for consumers, cars, packaging and other markets.
The technology continues to move in a new direction: Recent developments include trends in larger parts and larger presses, four to six barrels of machines, thermoplastic/thermosolid combinations, and more complex
Surface processing can be done in-
Mold finishing and assembly, a combination of a variety of materials with gas or water assist, and new uses of injection machines that go far beyond burial
Waste cost inside the part.
For all about moreColor and variety
Manufacturers of materials forming, machines and molds say demand in North America still accounts for only 2% to 10% of its sales.
This is far behind European activities.
For example, there are many sales of more than 20% Ferromatik Kelon
According to Bob streekley, head of injection marketing in North America, the component printing machine. He says U. S.
The interest of more than 15% of milarone\'s injection molding machine quotation activity has risen.
SPI mechanical department.
The report said that growth at more than 38%
From 92 in 2004 to 120 in 2003, excluding add-on units. MGS Mfg.
Group, added builder
On injection devices and molds, it is said that 25% to 40% of the tools it makes are used for multiple
Component application.
Larry Doyle said: \"We have seen a lot of inquiries from customers here. they are looking for ways to distinguish between their molding capabilities and their products . \" North American marketing director and international product manager, demage Plastics Group. Many multi-
The lens or injection press is custom made, so enter multiple
The component field may be expensive, but the increased versatility it provides begins to win the mold.
On the one hand, the injection molding machine is realizing how much money they can save by producing finished parts in the mold without using downstream equipment that takes up the factory floor area and buys expensive equipment, operates and maintains.
Assembly costs may be reduced by up to 20%, while total manufacturing cycle time may be reduced by 20% due to less part handling.
A project\'s capital investment can be cut by up to 25% by using one machine and mold instead of two.
\"Not only do we see sustained growth at a high speed --
Multi-body parts
But now, smaller parts also benefit from this technology, \"said v Ron Cisliek. p.
Braunform company, new U. S.
A subsidiary of Braun Formenbau Co. , Ltd. , a German mold manufacturer.
Cisliek said: \"There is a general trend in the integration of parts, so it is hoped that there will be new ways to add functions such as washers or seals without having to perform secondary operations outside the mold.
Cisliek said that about 65% of the 100 molds Braun makes each year have entered multiple fields
Application of materials.
The company also supplies more processing technology such as rotary table.
Component forming.
Large printing press \"more\" is one of the hottest new trends in multiple fields
Component forming orientation high-
Tonnage news application.
\"Seven or eight years ago, more than 90%
Part of the application is less than 6-10 tons, but now the market is growing by about 70% to 5 million tons, \"Joanne Kragl, manager of Engels\'s processing technology.
Sources at Engel and Milacron say up to 1500 tons of pressure with two to four injection devices is becoming more common.
Many of these machines are entering the field of automotive applications.
Demage custom 2200-ton, two-
Table Plate caliber press with a second injection device for the manufacture of car decoration.
Ministry of Industry to build more
Assembly of 4000 tons of automatic moldsInside, under
Hood and HVAC components.
Bocienki is building a 6600-ton two-
Liam bowms, general manager, said the shot blasting machine used to make crates is also designing a new turntable with a larger hydraulic motor to run faster.
JSW build standard double
Hydraulic machine in its J-barrel
The EII2M series is up to 935 tons.
More than Mei Qi
The vertical fixture is up to 1760 tons, and the horizontal fixture is up to 1980 tons.
Visteon Automotive Systems, Saline, Mich won the 2004 Innovation Awards.
, And Husky Injection Molding system two-
Colorful polypropylene dash for 2005 Ford Mustang.
What makes this part unusual is \"at the same time-
The injection process of filling two colors in one cycle using sequential valves, without the need to rotate the workbench or the other two colorsshot technique.
The system\'s capital investment is reduced to 70% of the standard double cost.
The cost of the mold has been cut by about 55%.
It is reported that the cycle time of forming standard IP is similar.
This is said to be the first time to use --
A large part is injection.
Last year, Husky also launched a new four-lock Series Index (QTI)
Combine three independent husky processes into one for large, multi
Automotive applications.
The first machine is 3150. tonner.
The system integrates Husky\'s series stack
The mold concept, whose index rotation center Template is located in two square-platen press.
A part is formed on a mold surface, then the turret is rotated on the horizontal axis, passing the lens to the second injection half part.
\"The system can accommodate traditional tools, so there is no need to build special molds,\" said Ali Mortazavi, marketing manager at Husky . \".
A particularly unusual feature of this machine is the second injection device, which is parallel to the machine axis.
It is mounted on the track so that it can move back and forth with the mobile template it connects.
Automotive Glass attracts one of the most interesting new applications for large multi-functional vehicles
Grouping machine is a new field of pc car glaze.
Barnfield, Engel and Klaus
Maffei has been working on the development of large pressure molding technology for the past few years
Free car side window and rear window and skylight with integral molded seal or frame assembly. Krauss-
Maffy has sold 3200-
Two Revolutions.
Mercedes-Benz car Press with pressure plate
Smart cars in Mercedes and Europe.
The device has two injection devices on the mobile platform and a third syringe on the fixed side.
Two injection units form a transparent PC in two cavities, then the center Template rotates, one dark-
Peter Lipp of the United States says the colored PC is injected to make the frameS.
National Sales Manager
The unit is making commercial production free of charge.
Glass Co. , Ltd. Schwaikheim, Germany.
Engel created two.
Assembly PC skylight with a complete support frame on 1500 clear and black PC
Double combination
K 2004 Press plate unit with rotating center stacking mould on show.
The latest news from pattinfield is a new rotation.
Pressure Plate technology for glaze.
Its Wendy template concept is available on three models of the HM seriesPlate machine--
880 and 1630 tons, new 3000-tonner.
According to Tom Betts, sales manager in the Midwest, the new central rotation stack is the company IMPmore (In-Mold Pressing)injection-
Compression process of pressurefree glazing.
A special tilt mold Pool Master (11-1b)
PC photo taken at low level in upper part of tool
The pressure injection step then changes the angle of one tool half as the mold is slowly turned off in the compression step.
Instead of the original single --face mold (
Show at NPE 2003 and K 2004)
The new Wendy\'s plate rotates 180 【degrees]
To mold the frame to the second position on the window. Injection-
The second lens also uses compression, so stress is not introduced.
The relative injection device is installed at each end of the machine. A 1630-
Ton Wendi press is being delivered to molder, a large European car manufacturer, where the company will produce 1. 4-sq-
2005 m parts of the vehicle.
\"The Wendy tablet is targeted at car glazing, but you can do other applications such as door panels in two colors, vertical panels, and so on,\" said Betts . \".
The system allows the integration of sealing lip or fastening elements of different colors or materials to large multipleComponents.
Betts pointed out that the floor area of the rotary table plate is also less than the turntable, which will greatly increase the size of the tool and machine.
Another large area of the outbreak
Multi-part progress
The components are formed in coinjection.
This process usually uses a special nozzle to combine two or more materials to form a layered or sandwich structure.
Custom injection molding factory Bemis Company manufacturing, school, meteorological organization information system.
With the world\'s largest injection Press, Milacron 6600-ton Maxima two-
The bench press, which is used to mold the largest part made by the so-called coinjection.
The media\'s first job was the 58-pound John Deere 8000 series tractor hood.
The part consists of the same glass.
A filled pbx emitted from two barrels.
Bemis took advantage of a little bit --
Known effect of co-injection: even when forming a single material, the process produces a skin/core structure that can significantly increase the impact strength of the part.
Bemis later made with the same mammoth press mold 34-
1b PC/tb alloy John Deere 7000 series tractor hood with center re-grind automatic bumper (
From another molder)
Made from the same material. Two 22-
Lb side panels of the same material are also produced in two wayscavity mold.
Bemis 34% special offer
Gary Van der Berg, director of injection molding Engineering, said the cost of these parts was scrapped and is now working to raise this level to 55%.
Bemis has more than 28 grams
The factory\'s barrel machines range from 500 tons to 6600 tons. Multi-
Vande Berg says component molding accounts for 75% of its business.
The company has just installed another huge coinjection press, the second one.
The largest building by mirakon, the largest 3900 (4400 tons), with two 854-
Oz electric jet device.
As one of the relatively few practitioners of injection technology, Bemis offers many new uses for machines that are often considered highly specialized.
For example, Bemis is injected into the steering wheel with a PP foam core and a glass/PP housing.
After the first shot, the tool rotates so that the third barrel can cover part of the wheel with a soft moldtouch material.
The co-injected melting flow can even be directed into a separate cavity of the home mold, Vande Berg said.
An example is forming two polycarbonate headlight lenses for both the tractor and four ABS light reflector in a range of 725-1. ton press.
Another option is to continuously fill the independent cavity of the same mold with different materials.
For example, mold A part with A bucket A, and when the part is in the packaging and hold state, mold the second part with A bucket B.
The advantage is that much less clamping tonnage is required.
Together with Milacron, Bemis proposed another new concept of co-injection, the core material deliberately breaks through the skin of the part in a controlled and repeatable manner.
This \"controlled breakthrough\" technology produces parts that one material is partially encapsulated by another material.
The combination of rigidity and flexibility is a possible use.
For example, the car fender may have a predominantly rigid structure at the end of the installation to the vehicle, while the other end of the part is an unpackaged flexible material that encounters road dirt and debris.
Not all of them require multiple barrels.
Spirex made a special two.
The stage screws that plastic the two materials separately.
The material that enters the first phase is melted and then bypassed the second phase (
Another material is plastic there)
The passage through the center of the screw.
This Twinshot screw is refillable on standard machines.
This product is available on the printing machines of Demag, Negri Bossi and Toshiba.
Typical use is to bury waste layers such as paint or chromium
Electroplating cars are re-grinded, or to minimize use by limiting expensive pigments or UV stabilizer to the surface layer.
Spirex said at least 42 double guns have been sold, with the largest being 637
Oz model of 2000
Ton press molded bathroom parts with foam ABS in acrylic package.
At the same time, Meiqi is marketing a new Master mold board (MMP)
The concept of Kobe Steel licensing provides an economical way to convert standard machines into a total injection.
In a special Many
The channel nozzle, mp is a back plate where two melt flows are connected behind the mold.
\"Most multi-lens\"
There are two components forming in North America. or three-
Part \"Engers Kragl.
However, companies such as Arburg, Demag, Engel and Milacron have activities in designing presses with four, five and six syringes.
Arburg, pioneer in many fields
At the beginning of 1960, with the development of the typewriter and telephone key rotation mold plug-in, a five
Barrel system for forming toothbrush.
275 developed with Zahoransky, a tool partner in Freiberg, Germany-
The Ton all ounder 630 S model has a horizontal main syringe (166-g shot size)
For the PP toothbrush body, plus four vertical injection units, 28-per unit-
G lens size for different colors of super-molded soft TPV.
The vertical syringe is continuously mounted on the common substrate at the top of the fixed template.
These devices are powered by a central hydraulic accumulator, thus eliminating additional pumps, tanks or controls.
The molding takes place in three-station, eight-
Cavity rotating mold with electric index drive.
There are two forming stations and a third \"open\" station for robot parts disassembly.
Friedman Kanz, president of Arburg, said the advantage of this system is its flexibility.
The system can inject four colors at the same time. -
Each enters two of the eight cavities.
Alternatively, these colors can be turned off by simply injecting one or two colors and immediately switched to a different color without stopping the cleaning of the injection device and Hopper.
Kanz says Arburg is evaluating a 6-
Assembly press, where the additional unit is located at 45 [degrees]
Fix the angle behind the platform plate.
There are also six in nekibosi.
At the same time, a bucket machine with four different colors of TPV makes the PP toothbrush over-formed.
The system uses the moving core instead of rotating the mold.
On a fixed platform, four small vertical syringes are installed continuously.
Netduma has built collaborative machines for up to six colors, with three horizontal buckets and three vertical buckets. Krauss-
Maffei said it\'s MC 2-
The platform plate unit is designed as up to seven injection units.
By 2000, the 1300-ton model was using up to six syringes to make tail lights.
Install three horizontally and three vertically.
At the cutting edge of some of the most complex
Today\'s component application combines a variety of materials
Mold decoration, assembly or technology such as gas or water assist.
Rotating center stacking can provide up to four mold faces for multiple molds
Injection and other operations.
For example, Gram Technology in Denmark recently set up an American company. S.
Operation, is developing a four
Color molding project with in-mold assembly.
This unusual concept uses six of Gram\'s.
Cavity spin stacking between mobile and fixed platforms.
The standard injection device provides a melt for the first two rotating stacks.
The next two spin stacks are fed from the top by a vertical syringe, one for each pair of stacks.
The last pair of stacks is also provided by the fourth syringe in the horizontal \"L\" position.
After shooting the first color, the part is transferred from one rotation stack to another, where it is covered by the second color.
It is then transferred to the third stack, where it is molded on both sides with the other two colors.
The second development project of Gram involves-
Two transparent mold assemblies with polycarbonate housing with silicone diaphragm.
The two shells are molded into two spin stacks on one machine, and the diaphragm is transferred from the second machine and inserted into one shell.
In one position of rotating stacking, the engaged face of the PC housing is heated so that when connected by relative stacking, the two shells are welded together. Juno Inc.
It is a custom molder located in Anoka, Minn.
, Using Gram Technology to rotate the stacking mold to achieve faster circulation and production
Jim Grossman says the mold assembly
Component Engineering Manager
\"In some parts, we injected the same material in two shots, and there was a change in steel between the two shots.
Two floors.
\"The shooting method can produce complex geometry that cannot be achieved by traditional molding methods,\" Grossman said . \".
Sandreessen demonstrated the molding of three components together with in-
Mold label at K 2004.
At the same time, Ferromatik Dragon running new
Component system with in-
Mold label and-
Mold assembly for K 2004.
It uses a new dual-Cube system that has two rotating stacks built by Foboha, Germany.
Each of the four
There are 16 cavities on each side facing the rotating cube.
It molded two small PP parts in different colors, glued them together, and attached the adhesive label, all in 6. 2-
The Sec cycle is 275-ton K-Tec machine.
Center of rotation-
V. of Gram Technology said that the stack tool is undoubtedly more expensive, but it can pay for itself in the work of 50,000 parts per year. p.
Sales and Marketing, Herman plank.
Large car parts with moldin snap-in or clip-
Plank explained that on plug-ins and flexible washers, it is often difficult to form and it may require expensive fixtures for secondary operation.
\"But with our spin stack technology, the tool\'s upfront cost is $200,000, and molder can save $500,000 on automation and $ 75% on footprint.
\"On the NPE 2003, the HPM introduced the first multi-board with a rotating center panel
Component and insert molded.
Free spinner 2-
The panel series starts at 1100-ton size.
A combination of multiple
Krauss demonstrated component molding and water assist at K 2004
Maffei in cooperation with material supplier
Shulman and water
Injection expert PME Fluidtec in Germany (
Here by K-M and Husky).
A diesel engine cooling tube is made of two dies.
Layers of PP and glass
Padded nylon and in 48-sec cycle.
Engel\'s sources have also seen many opportunities.
Forming of components combined with gas or water assist.
Engel set up a system to empty the nylon handle and cool it with water injection.
The part is then transferred by the robot to the cavity of another molded TPE soft grip.
Engel also showed off a fuel for cars --
System parts with glass-
Fill nylon skin and barrier nylon core with water auxiliary hollowing.
Another Engel demo project produced a TPO part with a PP core made of a lighter with the Mucell micro-foam process of mucel.
Super molding of thermoplastic materials-
Usually liquid silicone rubber (LSR)seal or gasket--
Attracted more and more interest as an extreme
Material forming.
Arburg and Engel demonstrated nylon/LSR molding at K 2004.
Engel provides medical molding equipment
Rated PC with LSR.
Engel also developed three. station, off-center rotary-
A 85 LSR-for-Taiwan-made-molded/tea leak-ton tiebar-less press.
Station 3 (
And optional fourth)
Can be used for post-
Cooling, plasma treatment for bonding, insertion loading, or part removal.
By the way, the boy Machine shows two
Full color molding-LSR baby-
The last NPE nipple.
In the first world, Klaus
Maffei combines injection molding and polyurethane edges in one mold and machine in K 2004. A CX two-
The press plate with shuttle mold covers the nylon automatic safety belt cover with liquid PUR by means of the mixing head mounted on the Mobile Press plate. Another K-
M system displayed at the exhibition
Ball core with PUR shell.
These cores are injected into a single machine.
In pursuit of higher speed and precision, as well as energy saving, more and more suppliers have launched a full rangeelectric multi-
Component System.
Examples to date include Arburg, MHI, Milacron (
Powerline, Fanuc and Elektra models)
Nissin, Sumitomo, Toshiba and Toyo.
Sumitomo noted that 130-ton SED-
The CI machine has a separate direct-
Drive the motor for the turntable, the index is 0. 97 sec.
And Kelon\'s Strickley said the proprietary MIMC developed by the company (
More independent sports/moreComponent)
Its motor technology, coordination and optimization of fixtures and multiple
Syringe function to minimize cycle time.
High application though-
Specifically, MIMC has reportedly cut as many as 25% cycles. Add-
The advantage of On is that the more popular option is portable or bolt-
On a secondary jet device that can convert multiple standard printing machines
Component operation. Small add-
It is usually installed on a pressure plate that is fixed or moved.
Relatively low processor gain
Multi-cost entry
Components are formed by converting existing machines, which can be switched back to standard molding later.
\"If the customer does not have a large volume but wants to add some functional or aesthetic improvements to the part, this is to learn more
Betts at Battenfeld said: \"component technology has recently introduced a new add-onon unit.
Demage says it\'s morePlug add-
On the syringe, mainly to try more
Injection molding or want to increase flexibilityon offers.
\"A novice for many people.
Forming or having a few more people
\"The assembly work will be able to move the secondary syringe from one press to another,\" Demag\'s Doyle said . \".
He cited a case in which there were many companies
Plug syringe with 950-
For low caliber machines
Make the volume work of the tail lamp lens.
MGS, Milacron, Mir, Toshiba and Toyo (
By Maruka)
Electric add-on providedon injectors.
While some are dedicated to all of the company-
Printing machines like the new model of MGS can be used on any type of electric or hydraulic press.
MGS says it has sold more than 200 units.
On units that offer up to 96-and on units that offeroz shots.
It has sold six new electric Universal Multi-beat units (0. 5 to 2 oz).
The company has also introduced a new vertical mounting unit for LSR molding.
Other suppliers of Add-
The injection device includes the artillery group of Windsor kunstoffelie, Claus-
Maffei, Meiki, Milacron and nisshi. (
Windsor and sisters have new representation in North America through HPM. )
Need to know more?
For more information, please enter the PT direct code at www. ptonline. com. Arburg Inc.
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2576 * PT direct sales: 152AH, demage plastic Group Company
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Wis Group in German town. (262)255-
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Elk Grove Village, Area 3(847)439-
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Machinery, Norcross, Georgia. (770)447-
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1616 * PT Direct: safuk learn more about accessing www online. ptonline.
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On December, the material car parts were core with water.
04 * K 2004 packaging-
Up: injection molding, January.
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