The new creative gift silicone folding cups

by:Keyuan     2020-08-31
New creative gifts cups folding cup advertising creative new mini gifts cup gift silicone folding water bottle portable outdoor travel kettle folding bottle multifunctional kettle magic cup silicone folding water bottle scalable convenient folding cup outdoor travel kettle creative gift silicone folding cups with ultra light material, if nothing, nano silica, health, non-toxic, prevent hot antifreeze, magic fold, convenient and quick, natural soft, does not occupy a space, easy to carry and full cup of silica gel, USES skin tactility, temperature - resistance 40 degrees to 230 degrees. The advantages of the silicone folding cups 1, easy to fold, carry more convenient when you don't hold water, silica glass can be folded, make your travel more convenient. Take part in outdoor sports, can be folded, hang on the device. Hang out, silica glass can be folded up and put in bags or pockets inside, save a space. 2, good sealing, watertight double deck lid, multi-layer protection, good sealing, put in bags or luggage don't have to worry about water leakage in the box. Environmental quality ABS plastic lid, non-toxic tasteless, leak proof design, to do so. Yank bottle, there won't be a gas leak. No 3, food-grade silicone, silicone folding cups USES the food grade silicone material, do not contain bpa, non-toxic odorless, use more at ease.
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