The mixing characteristics of carbon black

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Carbon black and rubber has good wettability. Mixing than calcium carbonate, clay filler such as light color easy. Pay attention to the following problems in production. 【 1 】 Raw rubber in black carbon have certain selectivity. Slot method suitable for natural rubber, carbon black furnace black is suitable for the synthetic rubber. 【 2 】 Mixer mixing, the filling coefficient of degrees of carbon black dispersion effect have a significant impact. The smaller the particle size of carbon black. The effect on apparent, filling coefficient of more than 0. 7 when the carbon black dispersion effect is reduced. No obvious effects on coarse carbon black particles. 【 3 】 Different structural characteristics of different carbon black masterbatch preparation. Preparation of high structure carbon black masterbatch, less dosage and hard to disperse, low structure carbon black masterbatch preparation. Use more. 【 4 】 Characteristics of black carbon granules on mixing of duality, coarse carbon black mixed with time is longer than small bits of time. Residency granule combined with powerful than combined with strong high long. But in combination with powerful person with easy to disperse. So strong vulcanized rubber is higher also. This article from the browse rubber products factory recommended several kinds of silicone rubber mixing characteristics
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