the man with the half-stone penis: 45-year-old who enlarged himself with silicone injections is now so big he struggles to have sex

by:Keyuan     2020-07-27
A German man who was injected with silicone said his penis now weighs half a stone.
Micha Stunz has 9 inch-long, 3.
Now weigh 5 inch penis between 7. 5 – 9.
5 lbs, between 3 and 4. 3kg, he says.
\"I can\'t say exactly how many it is, all I know is that I have 6 lbs in my kitchen.
He told Vice that it was not enough for a while, 6 lbs. com.
Mr. Stunz, 45, who lives in Berlin, said his penis permanently expanded in this way, not because it made him feel more beautiful, but because it made him feel \"better \".
Strangely, the silicone implant does not offer any physical pleasure and actually makes it harder for him to have sex --
Although this is not impossible.
He was unable to erect properly-any increase in size was not visible due to all silicone.
But even though his huge penis limits his sex life, he says it makes him more creative in the bedroom.
\"When you reach a certain size, you can\'t do something anymore,\" he told reporters.
\"At least not with everyone, not without some foreplay.
But you can do other things with it.
You just need to free yourself from the established roles and ideas about sex and be prepared.
Twenty years ago, when Mr. Stunz got a pump as a gift, he was interested in penis modification.
\"I\'m too curious to try.
He said: \"First of all, I tried it secretly for myself . \"
\"I found that when I went out, it felt good and it felt great.
\"I have a feeling that I am not stuck in the body I was born in, but I may have shaped it myself to change it.
Then he began to expand himself with a saline injection.
It feels great, he said, but I don\'t like injections --
The risk of infection always exists.
People around me are also starting to wonder why my groin area is changing in size.
That\'s why I started looking for something more permanent.
It took him several years to find out about silicone injections, which was only available in London when he first started studying silicone injections.
Instead of seeking professional medical help, however, he met a medical student who agreed to do the first injection.
So far, Mr. Stunz has had four surgeries, including the injection of silicone in his penis and penis.
However, Dr. Aref el Seweife, a urologist in Berlin, warned that injecting silicon into the penis would lead to infection, which would \"damage\" the penis \".
He told the deputy reporter that in the worst case, this could lead to the expansion of the testicle artery, the death of the testicles, and urged the person who chose the procedure to be completed by a medical professional.
In fact, a 2012 study in the urology yearbook said: \"Our conclusion is that through
Medical personnel may have devastating consequences.
\"Mr. Stunz accepted the proposal and agreed that other people who considered expanding their penis with silicone should ensure that they were well informed.
Although his situation seems extreme, he claims to be living a \"normal life \".
He said: \"I go to work, buy groceries, go to the bar, go to the club, go to the movies.
I usually make sure it\'s not too obvious.
But it\'s not easy for me to buy a new pair of pants.
He also likes to sit in the cubicle and urinate, because he will attract strange eyes when using the urinal.
While sometimes he says he is happy to get so much attention, he hides his modesty in other ways.
He used a satchel bag to \"hide his body\" and avoid telling some people in life about his appearance.
When I say \"the other person doesn\'t need to know now\" there will certainly be some situations.
When it is the boss or all the relatives, I will tell a white lie.
He explained that I was actually a very shy person while leather
Wear clothes at a bound Festival.
In fact, one of his favorite events of the year is the Folsom European festival-the Berlin tie, fetishism and latex events.
When he attended the carnival, he wore a special dress.
To show off his huge penis, he made a latex pants.
When it comes to why he likes the event, he says: \"You can provide who you are and show the way you want it without having to think about what other people will think of you.
He is sometimes worried that a potential partner will only be interested in him because of his manhood.
He said: \"Obviously, you will narrow down to the drum kit.
There is always danger in this relationship.
But if you take the time to get to know each other, will you find out if he really loves you or is it just a part of you.
In the end, Mr. Stunz believed that people were interested in his penis modification. rooted sexism.
If a woman\'s breasts get bigger, no one will say anything, he says.
If a person does something very similar to his body, because it is very unusual, it is worth making a documentary about it.
\'I hope this will change as soon as possible because the difference is not that big,\' he said.
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