The main function of the silicone wash a face to brush have?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-19
1, facial beauty, created a new situation in face of better cosmetic effect, in the surface of the brush to squeeze a little foam cleanser, according to the correct way to do it, remove excess cutin layer, the face skin can become delicate, glossy elastic, radiant, confident, in addition to splash and curative effect. Beauty silicone skin cleaning brush can be used repeatedly, long service life, is the best choice for facial beauty, regular use boiled water immersion disinfection. 3. With suction cups, hang sets and refers to the set of design, need not when can suck on the mirror, or hang in washing makeup stage, etc. , you can also put small convenient it in personal toiletry box, it also has the characteristics of reusable and easy to clean and durable, is a very practical and convenient and effective supplies, gifts, and gifts. 4. The pure silica gel is made, the FDA food grade silicone material, safe, durable, compact and beautiful, diverse styles, soft and comfortable. We can according to the different requirements of customers to produce different shapes, colors and quality requirement of silicone products
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