The leading cause of silica gel products appear yellow fade? What are those?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-19
Life using silica gel products appear yellow fade into the shadow of many consumers, we think the silicone material will appear the phenomenon of yellow fade, such as low silica gel following and silicone bracelet wear jewelry, etc. , but from the professional point of view, silica gel products are not won't have this kind of faded yellowing phenomenon, only for different products and as a result, material supplier and more outrageous rub off or excessive color is more difficult to accept, then what caused the problem on the color? As a whole can be from two aspects to understand the colors on the silicone products quality problems, and in general is not all products will have this kind of phenomenon to appear, this kind of problem due to material, shang da is less than using performance, so natural silica gel processing factory produced products can not meet the using performance. Color glue problem: color rubber silicone products debugging is the color of the main material, main material is composed of pigments, silicone oil, dispersing agent and silicone material, silica gel products caused by bleaching of the main reason is that it is the raw material of dispersing agent and silicone oil mixing formula failed to meet the problems in certain proportion, or raw materials lead to the silicone raw materials adding glue mixing unevenly cause of color, there are also reasons analysis gives it toner shading effect is not good, too much color dispersibility and silicone material incompatibility, fade, overall basic can determine the color of plastic dye fade problem belongs to the color rubber raw material problem. Raw material problem: yellow and uneven colors: main products of most types of products for transparent color or white, many kind of white or transparent color silicone products under the action of the catalyst, high processing temperature or using the environment temperature on the high side, and the influence of heat will appear product yellow discoloration phenomenon, and this phenomenon is the main reason is the result of the catalyst of tetramethyl ammonium hydroxide as main ingredient, in the deployment phases such as failure to correctly through the environment, temperature, humidity, and oxidation effect, is likely to lead to make out the material nature of losing fight yellow effect, after the catalyst leads to products appear the phenomenon of turn yellow, so in terms of raw rubber production need to see material raw rubber formula. Normally 'vinyl resin' mixing glue comparison is one of the most commonly used one kind of silicone raw materials, and the proportion of the material is usually need to under 1%, if beyond this range, then with polyvinyl silicone rubber material will have yellowing phenomenon, and often of methyl vinyl silicone rubber with vinyl silicone, so it is concluded that a problem is: you buy silicone products appear yellow it is the formula of the silicone raw materials manufacturers appear different vinyl resin> 1% or more, cause yellowing problem. Catalyst of materials from actually, silica gel if it hadn't been for the catalyst mixing, the effect will appear yellow, so you buy of the silica gel products are processed from raw materials to pay yellowing effect, and the catalyst can generally go to a certain resistance to yellow effect, but each brand of different catalyst debugging formula against yellow fade importance weight is not important, because the effect of catalyst is not just for resistance to yellow, also need to achieve a good effect of curing temperature, odor and material dispersion effect, the deployment of the performance of the other, can't control several performance can reach the best state at the same time, so you buy the silicone products is likely to have good tensile ductility, but as time passes, the phenomenon of the yellowing. Use as a result, the silicone product yellow fade out raw materials outside also depends on its use range and the environment, if long-term use in different environment such as High temperature, oil, light) And so on conditions, so the proportion of yellowing effect mainly depends on the material properties of the product.
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