The introduction and application of silicone rubber article

by:Keyuan     2020-09-20
Now article silicone rubber can be seen everywhere in our daily life, we came to know about the rubber sealing strip in our life. First, all kinds of silicone rubber article has now been applied to our walks of life from the beginning of the car, doors and Windows, refrigerator, home appliance, etc. Then according to the requirements of our industry, and is widely used in electronic electrician, lighting lamps and lanterns, pharmaceutical, chemical, machinery, textile, automotive sealing industry, etc. Silicone rubber tube is widely used in railway locomotive, automobile, high-rise buildings, Windows and doors, and all kinds of industrial components, mainly to prevent external dust, air and water infiltration, etc. So using ontology structure of lip, cavity, flange and other parts of the elastic and assembly of the contact pressure on the surface of the coupling and sealing and adornment effect, generally in - 50 ~ 70 ℃ scope can normal use, silicone rubber points solid, hollow, sponge and composite article, according to the need to use the site condition and method, can be designed different structure, considering the application after aging, or ozone, so you can adopt silicon rubber, and rubber, etc excellent aging resistance of rubber manufacturing. Silicone sealing strip a variety of color, according to the specifications, color and packing can be according to customer requirements for processing and production of silicone sealing strip it is made of silicon rubber after vulcanization production and the application field widely, it not only have insect, waterproof, dustproof, fixed, sound insulation, shock absorption, seal, and so on, also has a transparent, smooth and durable, non-toxic, tasteless, and not easy ageing, not out of shape. In addition it in soluble resistance, electrical insulation, also has a lot of qualities, the reason that so many features to get the medicine, chemical industry, mechanical industry such as an essential tool for selection. Articles from the professional silicone products manufacturer - ( http / /) Reprint please indicate the source!
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