The influence of curing temperature on the silica gel products molding

by:Keyuan     2020-09-10
Vulcanizing temperature popular understanding is refers to the silicone raw materials in the molecular and intermolecular crosslinking reaction required temperature, that is to say, silica gel from the raw material into has a fixed shape of no fixed shape silicone products needed a temperature value. The influence of curing temperature on the silica gel products molding is quite large, directly influence the production efficiency and quality of the products, if the control is not good is easy to appear the following questions. A, when the silica gel products problems curing at high temperature vulcanization temperature could easily lead to lack of glue products, small size, the thickness of partial thickness, deformation, numbness, become fragile, easily broken, as well as the down side, for the silicone buttons, also easy to cause bad load on the high side. Another interesting phenomenon, when curing temperature was more prone to package the wind. Second, when the silica gel products vulcanization problems at low temperature curing temperature too low basic for the problems, in contrast to the curing temperature is too high, it is easy to cause the silicone products of smaller size and thickness slants thin, curing incomplete, as well as the soft, for silicone buttons, also easy to cause low load, as well as the black grain fall off. But there are also some similar to curing temperature on the high side, is hard to tear open side, wind and other issues. Vulcanization silicone products should be set at a reasonable temperature range, too high and too low will affect the the quality of the silica gel products molding, so at the time of production must be strictly controlled. Silica gel products factory IPQC also can better match a table, measurement of each machine mold temperatures on time, such as abnormal, it should be improve immediately, the curing temperature causes the second bad to a lower level.
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