The importance of the silicone rubber sealing gasket!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-26
For industrial machinery in the production and processing, different industries are using different processing technology on the oil seal, the influence of the original piston and so on all have certain common mechanical hydraulic press machine, put some CNC processing machines, and so on seal parts would have to be to prevent oil leakage phenomenon, secondly the previous activities repeatedly machine is used for sealing gasket, cushion product requires a great deal of requirements, due to long-term use may be on a parts need to use three hundred and fifty say not clear, so avoid lead to the failure and maintenance of the machine, the silicone products factory production process requires the product accuracy and the performance of the products do the qualified standard. We are silicone products gasket mainly use environment lies in the different situation, bad perhaps oil seal machine door way may be the mechanical buffer shock absorption mesa knows, so for the experienced silicone manufacturers to see what are the causes of failure may be problems, on how to adjust for raw materials to achieve a reasonable result, if detected seal products reach effect leads to serious damage can be looking for the following several aspects: 1, the product is in use process of using the correct installation, such as winding slanting damage may cause the sealing parts. 2, chooses raw material whether can use what you need to use the environment, such as using common rubber processing, but there is need to be in the test report above to estimate will be very hard! 3, sealing parts in the process of performance, as well as the product is a phenomenon of brittle or too soft! 4, in the face of what kind of bad environment of whether can accept ozone, light, and the influence of thermal environment, under the influence of environment for a long time will appear brittle softening phenomenon! Xiamen silicone products factory - Silicone rubber products co. , LTD
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