The importance of mold surface treatment, what is the cause of the factors influencing the appearance of silicone wristbands?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-30
In mixing rubber molding industry a detailed set of mould importance far beyond the products of all costs and the importance of other process, so a lot of silicone products are at the early stages of the production and processing of mould to make the main control and review, such as mould steel choose a year earlier, the mould layout and mould parting location and layout, and so on, the mold and the silica gel to wear jewelry is currently popular decorative supplies, so it is the appearance is given priority to, so a set of mold processing technology for it what are the factors affect appearance? Exquisite silicone wrist band part level with the brand, it only work with materials, so in your silicone wrist band if under the build quality, then it will be a good product, so the silica gel hand ring mould raw material and production aspects to achieve good results. A piece of good steel to cast a sharp sword, in the same way, a good material to processing a set of high quality mould cost, so for the silicone wrist band material needs to be carefully selected, conventional silicon mold steel in our country is usually 55 #, P20, 718, 136 + H, NK80 S136, etc. These, and the hardness of each steel and quenching is different, make the mould life and hardness is different also, good steel can better reflect the size of the stitches come out from the selection and the service life of die mold, sandblasting mist side is standard, belong to regular texture, plating standards, mainly to see the product to decide, and silicone bracelet is conventional surface treatment is usually surface coarse and fine mist, respectively, a few choose to bask in grain processing, the processing of drying grain way as to reflect more stereo feeling, but it also embodies the aesthetics of the product. The problem of mould production, silicone products in the process of mould making, due to the high temperature processing, so the products under the condition of different reasons can lead to several problems: shiny, local appear shiny and bright mark product, this kind of phenomenon is often because of mould for ease of mold release after spraying a layer of teflon, as a result, the other is mold temperature is too high, the product is operating in feed speed slower lead to material hot dead. Product broken edge phenomenon is more, this kind of material is mainly due to choose low hardness and thick, and silicone wrist band is this kind of phenomenon, mould kill yourself too good at the same time, mould caused by internal exhaust row would not open. Wrist belt buckle deformation, this kind of problem is mainly affect the aesthetic of silicone products, its main reason is that material of silicon molecular breakdown degrees is not active, when combined with silica gel products factory production or low temperature curing time is too short. Process with silica gel belt manufacturer after its own reason, silicone wrist band trimming and subsequent injection or printing products appear black spots impurities, silicone products manufacturer production processing bad environment, dust is more, lead to black spots impurities by silica gel adsorption materials become dirty, timing of rubber mixing machine cleaning not net cause color mixture and viscose paper and so on.
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