the high cost of “free” silicone

by:Keyuan     2020-07-08
Nowadays, you can find silicone almost anywhere, from the heat pad for cooking to the industrial lubricant used in the building.
Silica gel is widely used and ubiquitous, but it has a place that does not belong to: Free suspension in the human body.
One reason silica gel is so widely used in the medical profession is that people have always believed that the human body will not react to it, so it is safe as an implant.
If the body does not respond to it, then inflammation and infection rates can be low and complications rarely occur.
Unfortunately, after decades of use, the concept is now in question.
Even if you think the silicone is not reactive, some forms are more problematic than others.
When we think of medical silicone, the first thing we think about is breast augmentation surgery.
But silicone can take many other forms and it can end many other places.
From the eyelids to the buttocks, in the form of liquid or solid, silicone injections have already appeared in many places at home and abroad, often with terrible consequences.
So, why does silica gel have such a problem?
If it causes us so much trouble, why should we use it?
Let us uncover the mystery of this problem once and for all.
Solid silicone is a block with a specific shape.
This silicone is used to make things like chin or cheekbone implants.
The product is still hard and therefore used to mimic bones.
Like any foreign substance entering the body, form a scar shell around it called a capsule that contains an implant and acts as a barrier between silicone and the rest of the body.
Because the solid silicone has no liquid or gel composition, it cannot operate freely around the body even if the implant breaks.
This means it\'s usually easy to remove it.
Even if the silicone is glued to the capsule, it can be taken out with the capsule shell at a time.
The problem with solid silicone is that it is very sturdy, which makes it less ideal for areas that are not as strong as rocks.
Silicone is the answer when you want something softer and can easily be included in it.
Half silicone.
Solid consistency, but it also has softness and fluidity and is ideal for simulating human tissue.
The degree of \"cohesion\" in the gel refers to the degree of contact between molecules, or how strong it feels, and the extent to which it maintains its shape.
At this point, the technology allows us to raise or lower the softness depending on the purpose of the implant.
Silicone gel can be found in the lower leg or hip implant.
Typically, these implants also include a thin and soft shell containing silica gel, as well as a capsule that forms around it like a solid silica gel.
The problem with silicone gel is that if the implant burst, the interior may leak depending on the level of fluidity.
Once the silicone gel is no longer contained in its shell, it is considered a free silicone and can be in full contact with the human body tissue.
This is where things get hairy.
The gel is sticky, sometimes even toffee
Like, it\'s very difficult to clean up.
It sticks to anything it touches, stimulates the tissue and causes inflammation.
Most of the time, in order to get it out, you have to remove the sticky gel, the shell, the capsule and any affected tissue.
It could be a mess, which is why many surgeons in the United States do not do silicone injections in the first place.
This is where things get really tricky.
It has always been thought that liquid silicone is also inert.
As a filling material, it provides a clear, plastic and easy-to-inject option.
It also has the appeal of being able to fill every corner evenly.
This is very tempting for practitioners who want to increase volume without opening and inserting solid silicone blocks.
But the same thing makes the liquid silica gel as good as the filling material, creating a medical nightmare when removing it.
Imagine wiping out liquid jelly.
O use a sponge and place it in the refrigerator.
Now take the sponge out and try to get rid of the jellyO from it.
This is completely impossible.
For example, this happens when the liquid silicone is injected into the hip.
These things go into fat and muscle and will never be recycled again.
If it is unfortunately inflamed or infected, then the pain is just beginning.
Whether you believe it is inert or not, silicone gel is still a foreign substance for the human body.
It can be covered and infected by bacteria.
It can also cause an inflammatory response without any infection, stimulating your immune system to attack it.
When this happens, your body creates a lot of scar tissue that causes tension and pain in the place where the battle takes place.
In many cases, these infections and/or inflammation can make the patient sick and they can attack at any time and frequently.
To make matters worse, there is no specific medical method for this situation and there is no way to predict its severity.
Free silicone is easy to become a lifelong problem whether it\'s small or large.
In order to remove the free silicone, any tissue that must be removed will eventually need to be replaced.
This means that the treatment can be very long and requires multiple surgeries, often resulting in disfigurement of scars.
Patients who usually inject a large amount of free silicone in other countries will find it difficult to get treatment here because removing it is a hard searchand-
Destroying the mission is the mission that many surgeons avoid performing.
Unfortunately, the other option is to suffer from chronic pain and deformity as the hemp lump becomes hard and lump.
Every year, thousands of people are tempted to inject silicone into all parts from the hips to the labia, often promising lasting results without surgery or downtime.
But if you think about it, silicone injections can already replace surgery if that\'s the real answer.
There is no reason for it.
The best litmus test is this: if a board-certified plastic surgeon doesn\'t do this, and you rarely see or hear stories of success, you may not want to risk it yourself.
Aesthetically, as in life, you often get what you pay for, and shortcuts tend to get you off the cliff right away.
There is no way to buy you to get rid of free fall, it is not a beautiful way. Dr.
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