The Gospel of mothers - - - - The silicone bib pocket

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Don't know dear mothers with babies have encountered such a situation? Baby not good to eat and like to fall; Clothes are always dirty, not easy cleaning; Around a saliva dripping right for him and always likes to contain in the mouth, plastic and cloth and not rest assured. Ha ha, this time why don't you buy a silicone cover the saliva? Safe and assured, why do you say that? Please look down. Advantages of silicone bib pocket: a: disposable easy dry: this is a silicone material, the disposable silica gel bib pocket mothers from then on don't always to replace cloth baby bib and weather causes cloth can't dry and bib. 2: comfortable humanized design: silicone bib pocket adopts advanced food-grade silicone, safety and health. Humanized ring knot buttons, can be adjusted according to the baby elastic, will not affect the baby's breathing, Warm prompt: treasure treasure mom dad in baby's attention to a little bit loose neck circumference, and then select the suitable for the baby neck circumference buckles gear, so avoid silicone cover spit stuck neck oh baby) 。 Three: convenient and durable, convenient and durable silicone bib saliva, just clean with clear water or replies can be become with dry cloth to wipe clean; Silicone bib out half arc shaped pocket shape design, by catching the baby food when eating out in the body, prevent dirty baby clothes, when the baby drink soup or fruit, also will not disseminated to the clothes, effectively prevent the color of the clothes with food; Its soft, lightweight, can roll fold, convenient collection and carry out for use. 4: a variety of vivid colors bright: for the color of the silicone bib pocket, suggest that choose the color of the bright, be able to bear or endure dirty, like baby, also facilitate clean. Light color is relatively easy to dirty. Silicone bib pocket lovely modelling, bright colors deep mother love, not only can attract the attention of the baby, unconsciously eat more a few big rice, persistent and bright degree, do not fade not yellowing. 5: environmental savings: silicone bib pocket is not only environmental protection, and can save a lot of a fee to mothers, if mothers choose cotton cloth cover silicone saliva or disposable silica gel bib pocket, each of the saliva to cover the service life is short, useless to be replaced several times, but if use silicone bib pocket completely unnecessary worry about this kind of situation, the silicone material to ensure that the silicone bib pocket can be used for a longer time, but also don't have to worry about the baby biting and influential to the body, elastic design and soft texture can let the baby feel free to use, a N. And need special attention is, silicone bib pocket use before and after a thorough cleaning, do not use silicone bib pocket long exposure to the sun, fire, or put in corrosive liquid. In order to enhance the bib pocket reasoning using time. Silicone products manufacturer USES the pure silica gel material, for a variety of environmental certification, in line with the standard of food grade silica gel, welcome to the advisory order.
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