The function of the silica gel fenders

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Any item without people to operate, it is always static. Before you know how good it is, you have to test in person. Sometimes we before custom processing products through a variety of factors, summed up the product of all sorts of problems, replace the product, etc. Silica gel, for example, fenders, custom processing need to consider different factors, such as: environment, Angle placed, products, such as hardness and appearance, so there may be many deficiencies in the design, so how to customize the silicone collision Angle is better? Silicone collision Angle of basically the same as protection furniture sharp corners, to prevent the baby collision damage. The real environmental protection, tasteless, thicker, more soft, strengthen the elasticity. To clean neat, beautiful and worthy of your furniture. Therefore, particularly for families with children, silicone collision Angle is used for outer packing. Softness can avoid the impact and damage directly, good softness can be protected. In addition to the silicone protective pads can also be anti-collision scratches, avoid the clash of door, furniture, thickness increases, let it better protect furniture, enjoy comfortable heart, no longer be disturbed. Before want to processing custom silicone fenders, you must understand this a few to place. Must first know whether products can achieve useful buffer strength, collision of the buffer strength depends on the hardness and rebound strength of the product and the thickness of the product. More importantly, the raw material of silicone materials have hard is soft. It can be customized from 30 ℃ to 80 ℃. If the product is too soft, not in time may cause damage. So you can choose according to the hardness of you want to. Sharpness choice according to the round table Angle, it is recommended that the hardness of choosing high hardness! Smoother instead of choice! From the point of the material of silica gel, silica gel fenders are very soft and has excellent elasticity. Manufacturers of silicone products raw materials for many products usually rebound strength without special requirement, so you can choose the appropriate materials, and can undertake appearance design, cartoon animals. Can the cladding forming and dispensing or silk printing to implement diversification!
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