The European and American countries view of silicone products?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-25
Shengchang industry development in recent years the silicone products, machinery parts, medical industry, articles for daily use and so on all have some level of ascension, products are widely used in different areas, however, significantly enhance the silicone industry in China in recent years, many European and American countries well-known enterprise investment of organic silicon products industry, such as the United States Kang Daoning, south of France and so on big companies, and for the introduction of domestic origin of Europe and the United States in the Middle East countries why many products still insist on using silicone rubber products instead of fluorine rubber or plastic material! First in the early days on silica gel products by European and American countries to introduce visibility of silicone rubber material has gradually increased, silicone rubber products applied to some places are a relatively superior performance than other materials, such as in high and low temperature resistant silicone material can be used in the maximum 200 degrees high temperature condition and normal use, low temperature - 40 degrees or so cases can keep products in good condition, and plastic material is love more than one hundred degrees can be baked to melt, non-toxic materials, soft silicone products and plastic is hard and internal under the condition of high temperature will produce chemical reaction shot release harmful material, it also makes the silicone products manufacturer, compared with the plastic has a certain difference between the silicone products. Industrial accessories for rubber material is relatively common, with silicone industry in recent years, used in many industries, natural rubber and synthetic rubber, fluorine rubber, nitrile butadiene rubber, butyl rubber and so on in each big industry has a certain effect, but the biggest difference between the silicone rubber products for industrial parts is composed of silicone oil and ozone, chemical lazy not any conflict, and can be applied to meet the long-term contact with human skin of some electronic parts of machinery spare parts, including the disadvantage is that the mechanical strength is low, acid-proof alkaline, difficult to sulfide, the price also is a bit more expensive than other synthetic rubber. But for the European and American countries and industrial silicon rubber products of the domestic market demand is huge, so many countries for the silicone products or more promising! Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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