The epidemic period, silicone rubber about viruses have what role!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-23
New coronavirus outbreak during a serious threat to each side, and all of us can control the virus tools and supplies has become the weapon of defense, at present our country all supplies appliances have been important products, and as an organic silicone materials in life nothing, nature during epidemic prevention can also pick up to a certain control effect, everyone knows to be completed in this outbreak, without the use of all kinds of epidemic prevention products, including masks, medical breathing masks, goggles, etc. , make the epidemic prevention products made of non-woven fabric and plastic PVC, TPE, silicone rubber, and so on. Silicone rubber products including high temperature silicone rubber and silicone rubber at room temperature, the high temperature silicon rubber to itself has good biocompatibility, odorless non-toxic, high temperature resistant to disinfection, tear strength is good, the product has good liquidity, easy processing and excellent performance. In the epidemic prevention products application. So the silicone material can be taken to what effect? Masks were the main essentials, the mask is divided into multiple levels, and silica gel mask nose clips in the main high temperature silicone rubber production into parcels within the non-woven material, or cooperate with non-woven fabric and plastic PVC outer layer directly a integrated sealing ring, or directly into a mask can replace filter box, and is made into face mask. Its good sealing and extensibility, processing performance, can make masks the modelling of easy to fit people, suitable for various face shape, effectively isolated droplets of saliva contamination; Fixed directly to the seal on the silica gel mask filter box, thereby reducing the parts replacement and simplify maintenance work; Good resilience and feel soft, silicone rubber also can reduce the wear masks when the ears and head discomfort. Breathing apparatus in the silicone material to be reckoned, the current medical grade silicone products one essential material belongs to the medical industry, and is the most severe has been diagnosed patients, their treatment without breathing auxiliary equipment, such as nasal pillow, so silica gel mask in the worst-hit areas belong to the necessary tools, prevention and control of material nature level cannot under medical examination authentication standard, and in addition to medical equipment, silicone material as all kinds of tube, stomach tube, urethral catheterization tube and other necessary accessories, these all belong to the level of medical silicone rubber material. Due to the spread of the virus is more extensive, and the main route of transmission from the mouth, nose and eyes, so the safety glasses also became the necessity, the current high transparent liquid silicone goggles also play a protective role during the disease resistance, and its main function to protect the eyes, material sheet, transparent, can clearly see, it is not easy to produce feeling, sealing effect can also meet the requirements, effectively protect the wearer to isolate the virus, preventing sputter virus from eye on these. And goggles can be repeatedly used, repeated use.
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