The effects of silicone seal appeared after the bad

by:Keyuan     2020-09-25
Product production process for the silicone products problem is a complex process, the problem on the hard to avoid can appear some detail processing, processing for seal products in the process of using some practical details, gate valve sealing parts mainly used in machinery, oil fields, the resistance to shock is dizzy, arc resistance, etc. , on the outside design also show the product well, such as some of the details on the product appearance kill yourself tends to affect the secondary sales of products, and the use in ill-fitting, for this kind of phenomenon of silica gel products factory how to solve? Silicone products manufacturer in the molding process of this size will appear a lot of bad phenomenon, the phenomenon such as burrs is too large, the main problem still depends on the problem of the mould, in addition to mold production techniques for convenient modulus in does not affect the overall effect of the product and quality under the premise of the cutting edge of the machining accuracy should also be appropriate to ascend, sealing ring in the mold cavity number too much if the mold development of upper die and lower die line is too shallow, will show the product size deviation, the weight is different also, products kill yourself may also be different, so is not only affect the individual problems, also have a lot of influence on subsequent process. Silicone products manufacturer in the front process commonly so any mistakes, would lead to the backend bad trouble to finally affect the product efficiency is lower, such as the first process rubber mixing in blanking different weight, forming hole in production more products in different size weight deviation, partial light, as he lay particular stress on again so will lead to subsequent QC in kill yourself too big size, all kinds of problems such as lack of material. So it is an organic whole repeatedly in the process of silicone rubber products line be short of one cannot, in addition to equipment and technology control, detection, and the details of each working procedure is the key to determine product quality problem.
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