The effective method to decrease the cost of the silicone products formula

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Most likely silicone products manufacturer in silicone products production cost, think of is the first time is in the formulation of raw materials, production efficiency, mold development to find a way to, the following is about how to effectively reduce the silicone rubber products formula costs to make their own opinions, deficiency also please added. Lowering the cost of the silicone products formula are many factors to consider: 1. On the premise of meet the performance requirements for products, look at the product type, is precisely the product sales by volume or according to the quality of sales. Sales of products by volume, filling clay, light calcium, such as cheap filler with just the right amount of softener is a commonly used method; 2. Products sold by weight, should use more than major filler filler such as barium sulfate, lithopone. Secondary process costs ( Whether the existing equipment, semi-finished products and finished product percent of pass, operating level requirements, etc. ) 。 3. In addition, you must pay attention to, not necessarily must use cheap materials can reduce the cost, Such as the high fill renewable products formula, a moderate amount of using reclaimed rubber natural rubber replacement parts, can greatly improve the filling quantity of inorganic filler, so that the formulation cheaper) 。 In short, decrease the cost of the silicone products formula is a system engineering problem, need to design the experiments adopt diversified thinking, must not sidetrack. Silicone products formula related articles: silica gel products formulation design to production and processing the simple process of how to improve the understanding of silicone rubber products production formula and use
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