The effect of mobile phone silicone seal you probably really don't know

by:Keyuan     2020-09-24
Luxury is not is we used an enviable thing, for mobile phone electronic products from the previous want one, to the satisfaction of electronic products now, mobile phone has not as before for us is a luxury, now life necessary articles for daily use, and the mobile phone is often a few small shortcomings! For example, water. For today's smart phones, 'fell and water' this two word for us a lot of friend's cell phone is a nightmare, such as silica gel products factory long time small make up my phone just give me a wriggling, direct crashed and the water is not too expensive love crazy 6, but from recognize unlucky, at that time thought about the mobile phone how many are not waterproof, the results and understand some common sense, waterproof phone, go ahead. Then looked now phone waterproof function, and according to my understanding to the ah, the original waterproof phone also silicone products are associated with us, is not without its waterproof function mobile phones, but are now in 2016, are you still using previous PHS? Also use the button machine before? Waterproof phone because mostly before add waterproof glue and cracks in the mobile phone protection plug for protection, but often the material is not so good will lead to the performance of the waterproof plug aging, slowly seep into the water, not waterproof. And as the change of design, smart phones now is different, in the aspect of waterproof design is USES the sealing ring, sealing sheet and so on to waterproof, now less mobile phone silicone seal products want to waterproof is not drop. Saw on the Internet recently listed S7 waterproof function is the seal and seal for waterproof, from the point of the nanotechnology and the silicone seal products to seal interface, around the fuselage USES the sealing gaskets and that the phone sealant to seal completely sealed its interior, to a large number of waterproof, can't say no water seepage inside, but long-term use is not so easy to touch water, for this kind of seal ring. Not only on cell phones can be used in many electronic digital products is widely used above, some camera, projector, camera and so on of waterproof is very practical, and why choose to use the silicone material instead of rubber or plastic? A, silicone products with non-toxic environmental protection effect. Mobile phone but we commonly used tool, so it is absolutely safe in environmental health, second, the very many different kinds of sealing ring, silicone belongs to highly active substances, and water and other liquids on the silicone material no penetration, texture soft and elastic back, on the edge of the seal and the rough material can make liquid hard to invade the concave and convex have send, after collection. Three, four, and so on many factors, so a lot of the products of listed companies will choose to use silica gel in the presence of auxiliary tools, if you also might as well try the performance of the silica gel products. ( )
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