The difference between the silicone products industry, domestic trade and foreign trade!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-25
For export products details in the impression of the silicone products manufacturer, and is not a prompt, recent anti-dumping for export products in Europe and the region, many manufacturers and trade process nu nu, said exports, prices also suppress this hot face against cold ass? Why so difficult to do again, the foreign trade to domestic trade and what are the differences? Said foreign trade from international trade association from 2001 facilities in our country, China's industries to the foreign trade industry to enhance the regional economic development, at the same time for the product quality requirements of ascension in many aspects, refused to a lot of low quality and even the emergence of counterfeit products. Do foreign trade and domestic trade has many differences, such as from the silica gel products industry in the domestic price transparency and buyers have the choice of different understanding of the market can find more high-quality low-priced products, and foreign trade exports cheaper, a lot of trading company find the generation process of silica gel products manufacturers and products with foreign brand and declaration receiving simple, profit is far more than domestic trade, there are several reasons for this. No lack most is labor in our country, so the mechanical equipment started up all I think can supply goods of the world, once a news report said: xiamen humen woollen industry a year of finished product enough to make people around the world wear for several years, so the same is true for other industries without foreign trade, all the products in the domestic competition intense as cabbage price consequences cans be imagined, not domestic brands and international brands swallow, so artificial labor force is too large to a domestic industry, most of the products must be exported. Their procurement in China is basically for European and American buyers, quantity is with preferential treatment, one-time procurement low and tens of millions of European and American countries for the yuan's exchange rate control, for example, a silicone rubber products manufacturers in producing finished goods need to 5 yuan, give some trade company or directly to foreign purchasing them in to do the international brand, do a bit of printing and so on can sell two to three dollars, and for the European and American countries consumption idea is different, we need good, commonly used products function, manner. In the west as long as its function, and used time not too long or bad repair, because of the high than white-collar blue-collar workers wages, maintenance is expensive than buy a new, so it also affects the product export difficulties, demanding problem. Website: https://dbsilicone. 1688. Com/silicone products manufacturer in xiamen - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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