The difference between the rubber and silicone

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
It is generally believed all elastomers are rubber rubber. The size of the rubber to with the help of the pressure change greatly. If you wish to get the original size, simply eliminate stress. These materials show the glass transition temperature, because they are amorphous structure. At present you can find many types of rubber, including natural rubber, synthetic polyisoprene, styrene butadiene rubber, NBR, polychloroprene and silicone, rubber class because they belong to. Generally speaking, the word rubber can only give you some idea of natural rubber. For the process of natural rubber is very simple, you only need to obtain Heveabrasiliensis latex. Natural rubber is the structure of the cis - 1, 4 - Polyisoprene, and in most cases it contains carbon polymer chains. Nowadays, the use of rubber is much higher than the ground, such as cooking utensils, electronic products, automotive applications and many other products in the process of preparation, because they have the feature of elastic. Rubber is the most suitable for insulation purpose elastomers. Organic silicon in the form of synthetic rubber is called siloxane. With the help of the modified silicon complete synthesis process. Alternating with oxygen is responsible for the skeleton of the silicon atoms produced siloxane, high-energy silica to form key. Compared with other rubbers or elastomers, more heat-resistant silicone. In a similar way, organic silicon shows more of fungi and chemical resistance. You found in the silica gel is another outstanding quality because of silica keys and has higher resistance to ozone and ultraviolet resistance. With other elastomer that exist in the carbon - Compared to carbon bonds, the key is not sensitive to these attacks are more. For organic silicon, compared with organic rubber, you will get lower lower tensile strength and tear strength. But in the presence of high temperature, due to the nature of the silicone resin in high temperature changes smaller, silicone will provide excellent tensile and tear properties. The durability of organic silicon is higher than the durability of the elastomer. Siloxane also has shortcomings, such as due to poor liquidity, organic silicon manufacturing problem to high viscosity of siloxane fatigue life is shorter. Main differences between the rubber can be found in many species, including silica gel, therefore, each type of silicone rubber, but not every rubber silicone rubber. Silicone rubber is made of silicon and oxygen, and rubber is due to the carbon - Made of carbon bonds. Rubber on the thermal, chemical attack, fungus attacks, uv and ozone attack resistance is weak. With the aid of silicone rubber can be done more effectively and heat insulation, because it has higher heat resistance than natural rubber. Rubber products
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