The difference between the pad printing and screen printing

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Silicone products will have a beautiful word, logo, design, etc. , added many ACTS the role of sex for silicone products. These designs are pad printing and screen printing technology is used to finish production. Shajing silicone manufacturers today is to tell you what the difference between the pad printing and screen printing. The principle of the principle of the pad printing, pad printing is the design of the required printing first applied the method of photographic plate making again make steel version into gravure via special silicone seal head transfer printing on the printed material, and can be in accordance with the material of products is different, modulation of special ink, so that the quality guaranteed. The role of the principle of screen printing: through glue head will be on the design of sheet metal is transferred to the workpiece, a seal glue scrape through the pressure of daily work will ink from the screen mesh to infiltrate products, form a pattern. Pad printing and screen printing: the characteristic difference between pad printing ink layer thinner, can be in any surface printing color, showing very good color expressive force and printing adaptability, commonly known as the universal printing, in addition to water and air can't print any objects are available on printing printing. Screen printing ink layer thickness, print out the patterns of the stereo sense is strong, with the hand can touch the AoTuGan, suitable for high-end products on the surface of printing, color expressive force is very good, more trouble multi-color overprint, on the surface of the product requirements are rules of flat or curved surface, has the certain range of printing limitations. Pad printing process and screen printing process have their respective advantages and limitations, from the silica gel products shape, function, design, considering the various aspects, such as a kind of technology which is more suitable. Manholes, silica gel, silica gel manufacturers always put 'production for the customer the green environmental protection, safe and non-toxic high quality silica gel products' as production concept. Main medical grade silicone, food-grade silicone, silicone pad, silicone kitchenware, silicone sets, such as all kinds of silicone products, welcome to visit, guidance and business negotiation!
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