The difference between the ordinary rubber and silicone rubber band!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-26
Of daily life and the silicone rubber band of the lifting the objects become our moment, since silicon rubber accessories pop band edge after following the industry become a popular fashion accessories, along with the different design small crude rubber band was slowly become high atmosphere, in appearance from the original simple circle above change into various shapes, from a single extensive is yellow color more bright any color can be customized, so as to change a lot of friends to use it to as tie, bundled tools, and colorful color more relaxed mood letting a person, can highlight the advantage of the products in quality and more silicone rubber band for children's toys, and the comparison of equipment and office use, such as children pencil case, bundling, girls hair, office bundle of paper, etc. , different USES can be found among different functions, can achieve good effect in the use process, secondly the appearance of the rubber band production factory can be customized processing different shapes, styles of different shape and size of appearance shape reflects the appearance of the different style! Forward in the convenience store to see ordinary rubber ring's quality is bad due to high oil content, the material is rough, is faulty, stretching back and forth a few times it's easy to have a gap and fracture, one of the most important phenomenon is the main disadvantage of the factory in order to make the quality of the products is more heavy, to add a bubble from oil to increase the weight of the rubber band can buy a good price, so distinguish the quality of the products and product weight is very important, suggest using high temperature baking, such as see take oil phenomenon can distinguish between the quality of the product! And silicone rubber bands in the production process of the adoption of high strength silicone rubber was production by SGS, ROHS certification testing, so in the use process after use it to contact with the food and daily necessities can be at ease use, its raw material is environmental protection material do not conflict with any material, with a high tensile toughness, excellent resilience bundled items can keep for a long time lift toughness, in use process in addition to man-made phenomena, basic will not change the role of the force performance. And material non-toxic tasteless, feel is good, lift will not be affected for a long time! Xiamen silicone products factory - Silicone rubber products co. , LTD. ( 文章/ guijiaoshipindefenle_1。 html)
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