The difference between small and large enterprises, silica gel products customized processing should be how to choose?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
Every enterprise is different from the shortcomings, in the process of production also has some advantages and disadvantages of sexual problems, silica gel products in the industry is also essential to this kind of phenomenon, from my understanding of this industry downstream of the silicone rubber industry so far there is no silica gel for the development of large enterprises, lead to separate small business has become the industry for the development of pillar, and small silicone manufacturers more space and its development tendency, the small-scale processing compared with normal company what are the differences in the disadvantages? The current common phenomenon is three two hydraulic injection molding machine begin to production and processing, this phenomenon is more common silicone products manufacturer in xiamen, the only advantage is the ability to do not have to worry about their own delivery and customer complaints and turnover of funds and goods backlog, etc. , and freedom of management may at any time processing and replacement, and lower management cost, the product unit price is relatively low, with clients prefer group, without too many rules and barriers, size of orders are acceptable. But there are more problems with defects, small-scale processing factories such as expansion not become regular army would not like a big business cooperation opportunities of development, so a lot of small silicone products manufacturer can only be used single or unit price lower, in the management methods in the process of production is expected to cost control may not be specific fine calculate and management, shortcomings and defects is larger, can not get customer recognition, the company size is too small inspection through, and so on. And more silicone enterprise scale is small and the building has a certain advantage, usually work in butt joint and the quality of the products above have a certain sense of responsibility, for the product control cost is higher, but produce silicone products can be guaranteed, for the product quality and after-sales service can achieve satisfaction, and silicone products manufacturer determines the size of the basic development course, many large enterprises have experienced engineering and industry experience to bigger, so for the difficult and risky products still make a guaranteed silicone manufacturers do for you, you can rest assured.
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