The difference between fluorine and silicone rubber and ordinary silicon rubber

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Fluorine and silicone rubber has good oil resistance, solvent resistance, for aliphatic, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents; Petroleum base of all kinds of fuel oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil and some synthetic oil ( As the second ester lubricant, silicic acid esters, hydraulic oil, etc. ) Under normal temperature and high temperature stability are good, and it also can maintain flexibility. Oil resistance, solvent resistance, resistance to chemicals, fluorine silicone rubber compared with methyl vinyl silicone rubber, oil resistance, solvent resistance, chemical resistance and good; Even compared with fluorine rubber, oil resistance, solvent resistance is also good. Under the same medium, temperature, time, impregnation after all showed excellent durability, fluorine silicone rubber is the only kind -, so to speak Under 60 ℃ ~ 260 ℃ nonpolar medium resistance of the elastomer. Containing methanol gasoline resistance of fluorine and silicone rubber is also quite good, even if in gasoline/methanol mixed system, the vulcanizates of hardness, tensile strength, volume change is very small, after 500 h long immersion test, the physical properties and almost no change. Fluorine and silicone rubber of high temperature resistant performance and heat resistance of silicone rubber, by adding iron, titanium and rare earth oxides can make them get a small amount of heat stabilizer improved significantly, even at 250 ℃ high temperature also has enough heat resistance. Temperature effect on fluorine and silicone rubber is bigger than silicone rubber. Cold resistance of fluorine silicone rubber with ordinary silicon rubber, good low temperature performance. Due to the Si - of fluorine and silicone rubber is soft O give priority to linear polymer chains form, so characteristics is better than that of C - at low temperature C is given priority to chain fluorine rubber. Among them, the better low temperature characteristics of fluorine and silicone rubber, brittleness temperature can da 59 ℃, the average is about - fluoro rubber 30℃。 Physical and mechanical properties like ordinary silicon rubber, fluorine silicone rubber can by optimizing material recipe design, make the conduction type, antibacterial, flame retardant, foam type fluorine silicone rubber, on the basis of the original oil solvent resistance, increase the conductivity, antibacterial, flame retardant, foaming characteristics. Other features weather aging resistance of fluorine and silicone rubber is very good, even if the exposure after 5 years, still have a good performance. Ozone is one of the elastomer aging generated when most of the gas, but fluorine and silicone rubber through dynamic or static test after all cracked or crack phenomenon has not been found, it has good ozone resistance. In addition, fluorine silicone rubber, mouldproof, physiological inertia, anticoagulant hemorrhagic is also very good, fluorine and silicone rubber in high temperature, low temperature, moisture, oil, solvents, chemicals, the change of ambient conditions such as ozone is very small. Fluorine and silicone rubber radiation resistant performance is not outstanding, but radiation aging resistant performance is better than that of methyl vinyl silicone rubber.
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