The development trend of silica gel

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Silica gel, and silica gel and silica gel products are widely used in our life. Such as: computer, mobile phone keys, silicone bracelet, silicone pad, silicone body, medical equipment, cable wire and so on. Every year at the China silicone products fair, rarely see a new face of silicone products, if any, is also very few miscellaneous series, individual silica gel products, a senior industry experts, make silicone products industry topics into the field of vision. At present, the technology of the silica gel products present a clear development trend of specialization, with 0. 5 to 0. 8 mm particle diameter is the basis of the silicone developing rapidly in our country, with 1 - - 15μ M particle size of powder silica gel in Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea achieved great progress. Based on silica gel and powder silica gel on the morphology and properties of differences, become the direct driving force of the development of the diverse applications. Now, the application of silicone technology has penetrated into all walks of life, some of the more mature, some are deeply silicone manufacturers the most widely used in the field of industrial, agricultural, the third industry, and the application of the information industry, is also very rapid development in recent years. Silica gel with the speeding up of the process of specialization, the petroleum chemical industry, medicine, food, biological, chemical, environmental protection coating, textile, papermaking, printing ink, plastics and other industrial field application of the quality and level on a new step. 'to provide customers reliable high-quality green products. 'is the production of silicone products factory has always been adhering to the idea, the famous companies and listed companies have good relations of cooperation, set up its own quality inspection system. The company since its establishment has accumulated the contacts, the good faith management quality and cheap, deeply trusted by customers, won the industry a good reputation. Our company main products: silicone strap ( Double color bracelet) Silica gel silica gel protective sleeve insulation pad silicone buttons silicone seals have food grade silica gel, medical silicone products, silicone mold, conductive silica gel, silica gel, blood oximeter and silicone gift custom, etc. Our high quality and low price is the same industry leader, is your wise choice.
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