The development prospects of medical silica gel

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
As each country on food safety and health is becoming more and more attention, especially for silicone products related to the human body, food, medical made strict requirements. Silica gel as medical materials after decades of clinical application, has been recognized in the medical community, more and more widely used, many companies have medical silicone rubber as the main target of development, great progress was made in medical silica gel. Foshan silicone manufacturers to share the following medical silica gel development prospects. Silicone besides can meet the basic requirements of medical polymer materials, but also has heat, cold resistant, non-toxic, resistance to aging, minimal response to human tissue, good physical and mechanical properties, etc, to become the typical medical polymer materials, widely used in the field of medical and health care, biomedical engineering, in the current numerous medical polymer materials, silicone rubber, either in quantity or dominant species. 1. Catheter: medical catheter is the fastest growing medical silicone rubber products and the most widely used products. According to the purpose can be divided into internal and external, in vitro are mainly various pump pipe, such as artificial heart-lung machine pump pipe, pipe connect with any device, iv, etc. ; For the body is all types of intubation, catheter, drainage tube. Currently used in the body of the medical catheter is the development trend of miniaturization, thin walled, multi-cavity and a tube of functionalization. Especially for indwelling catheter in the body, whether long-term or short-term use, silicon rubber material, the advantage of the catheter is unmatched by other materials. 2. Cerebral surgery products: used in cerebral surgery of silicone rubber products mainly include: artificial skull, titanium silicon composite repair materials, hydrocephalus six device, ventricle drainage tube, artificial dura mater, the current domestic developed using silicone and nylon fabric made of artificial dura mater, can be used to repair traumatic dural defects, repair due to the removal of the tumor in the epidural or Kitty infiltration area caused by the dura mater or defect of stiff backbone film, etc. 3. Ent products: used for ent of silicone rubber products including: artificial nose, artificial jaw, lower jaw, artificial ear, throat, otitis media, ventilation pipe, lacrimal duct exploration nasolacrimal duct device, plug, nostril stents, the anti-snore apparatus, nasal bleeding air bags, artificial breathing machine wave pipe, tracheostomy tube and so on. The silicone rubber has been widely used in cosmetic and repair of all parts of the face and internal organs, such as chest, joints can be repaired. 4. Cardiac surgery products: main silicone rubber products for cardiac surgery with extracorporeal circulation machine pump pipe artificial lung, chest drainage tube, silicone film, artificial heart ball mitral valve, etc. 5. Digestive system products: silicone stomach tube, duodenal tube, double coelenteron casing, nutrition tube, gastric tube decompression, gastrostomy tube fistula, stomach tube, enema, etc. , before these products mainly USES PVC material, with silicone rubber production cost is reduced, and the more ideal silicone rubber products, softness and elasticity, so at present in China has started to replace polyvinyl chloride (PVC) products. 6. Abdominal surgery and reproductive system products: used in abdominal surgery of silicone rubber products mainly include: peritoneal dialysis tube, abdominal cavity drainage tube, T tube, Y type pipe type, TY, capillary tube, porous drainage tube, the negative pressure drainage device, prevent adhesion membrane, etc. ; Applied in the reproductive system is various, mainly including various catheters, fistula, penile prosthesis, artificial, fetal testis attractor, uterine hot ball therapeutic apparatus, silicone rubber synthetic, subcutaneous preparetions contraceptive device, etc. Silicone is widely used in medical field, but because the manufacturer's process, the difference of raw material, in the practical application of medical grade silicone products must meet certain standards to ensure the safety and efficacy of product use. Including the physical properties of tensile strength, tear strength, etc. , and the change of the chemical properties of the PH value, ultraviolet absorption, the most important is the heat source in biological performance requirements, hemolysis rate, cell toxicity index. Foshan silicone manufacturer produces silicone products for more than 15 years, the production of various food grade silicone, daily necessities of medical grade silicone, silicone, silicone electronic class, silicone kitchenware, silicone strap and other kinds of silicone products, quality assurance, for the general consumer, all provide safety and health of green environmental protection high quality silica gel 'production concept is foshan, welcome general customers come to visit, guidance and business negotiation!
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