The development history of rubber and plastic industry and the transformation of silica gel products

by:Keyuan     2020-09-24
Rubber has been found as early as the 11th century, but neglected to be developed in 1819 Scottish chemist images and found that the rubber can be coal tar dissolved, then people began to dissolve the rubber with coal tar, turpentine, manufacturing tarpaulins. From then on, the world's first rubber factory in the UK in 1820 elder brother lars ( 格拉斯哥) Set up. To make rubber products for processing, Hancock (1826 Hancock) Developed with the method of mechanical give natural rubber plastic. 1839 americans Goodyear invented the rubber vulcanization method, and can solve the problem of raw rubber stiffen embrittling, make rubber with high elasticity and toughness, rubber truly entered the stage of industrial utility. Natural rubber, therefore, become the important industrial raw material, the silica gel products of rubber requirements have risen sharply. As early as the 11th century, the people of South America have used rubber ball games and offerings. In 1493 the Italian navigator Christopher Columbus sailing adventure to the americas, see Indian man with a black ball in play, the ball falls on the ground to play high, it is made from milk out of the tree. Since then, Spain and Portugal in the process of the conquest of Mexico and South America, the rubber knowledge gradually to Europe. Into the 18th century, France continuous send scientific expedition to South America. In 1736, French scientists condamine ( Charles de Condamine) Took part in the scientific expedition in South America, some from Peru rubber products and rubber in the record the relevant information back to France, published 'the South American mainland travel Henry'. The book details the origin of rubber tree, acquisition methods and utilization of the latex rubber pot and the process of the shoes has attracted people's attention. In 1768, the French mecca ( P。 J。 Macquer) Find available solvents softening rubber, medical supplies and the hose. In 1828, British troops piano and ( C。 麦金托什) Made from latex rain wear, but products, hot sticky cold crisp, very poor quality. In the 1880 s in the west in the process of the second industrial revolution, in 1888, a British doctor Deng Lupu ( 邓洛普) Invented the pneumatic tyre. In 1876 the British wickham, H。 一个。 韦翰) The rubber tree seeds and seedlings from Brazil to London's royal botanic gardens Kew ( 丘花园) Reproduction, and then cultivate rubber seedlings to Ceylon ( Now Sri Lanka) , malaya and Indonesia plant are successful. Silicone rubber now also widely used in the automobile rubber parts. In 1887, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia plant expanding based adhesive garden, RuiDe le, director of the Singapore botanic gardens ( H。 N。 Ridley) Invented the does not hurt rubber cambium tissue on the original cut mouth repeat cutting continuous tapping method, corrected the rubber tree with an axe of origin and hurt the tree, unsustainable production adhesive old method, can make the rubber tree decades continuous tapping. With the development of silicone products in the 19th century silica gel has been almost used to the life and the health care industry in recent years in the domestic market also gradually open and silica gel products factory sales of medical products in life made remarkable achievement. As consumption leapfrog growth, has begun by the high performance special rubber silicone rubber industry into a synthetic rubber, become one of the largest rubber varieties dosage. It is understood that from the consumption of analysing, natural rubber accounted for 41. 8%, styrene-butadiene rubber and butadiene rubber combined accounted for 28. 4%. With silicone rubber products, therefore, in the part of the niche of the tire to replace other analysing, its consumption will increase exponentially, will further open the market space. To this, the personage inside course of study also agree with the above viewpoint. Is expected that by 2017, silicone rubber products will account for 10% ~ 15% of the total domestic consumption of rubber, silicone rubber consumption is expected to reach 1 million ~ 1. 5 million tons, by 2020, silicone rubber consumption accounted for the proportion is expected to reach 20% ~ 33%, the silicone rubber consumption is expected to reach 3 million ~ 5 million tons. In other words, the silicone rubber industry development potential and future development are very attractive, and its rapid development also will be extremely far-reaching impact on upstream and downstream industries. In fact, the silicone rubber industry linkage effect of upstream and downstream industry has begun to gradually appear. According to statistics, if by 2020 silicone rubber accounts for the proportion of rubber consumption in our country from the current six. 5% to 33%, so the overall domestic self-sufficiency rubber in China but from the current rise about 50% to 80%, thus greatly relieve the strain on rubber supply condition, reduce the production cost of rubber processing industry. Therefore, the development of silicone rubber industry is not only the single development of a single industry, but involves more than the common development of the industry, to enhance the profitability of the rubber processing industry and improve the quality of rubber products has far-reaching significance. Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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